Friday, December 26, 2008

The Year That Was(2008)

It is time to bid farewell to 2008 and welcome 2009. 2008 wasn't a great year for starts. It started on a bad note, while a close friend went through a difficult phase on the personal front(which hit me hard), followed by the loss of my most favorite grand-uncle. I switched jobs, which I badly needed to do but it didn't make much difference in terms of learning and growth, though otherwise I definitely found more time for leisure. Planned a vacation or two abroad but in vain.:( Made my first big(considerably big) purchase followed by a few other small gadgets. Did not see much of a change on the personal front(neither for the good nor the bad).

Not to forget the increasing acts of terrorism in the country and world over, Global Warming, the Economic Slowdown and it's after effects making their presence felt more than ever before.

I can't believe that I am almost done with two years of blogging and my blog got approved by WBC. Time has flown by and so has 2008!

Life goes on and I continue to try and take life as it comes, one step at a time!

Friday, December 19, 2008

North Vs South

A lot of us must have faced scenarios where in collegues, aquaintances and even friends at times mock South Indians. I am not denying the fact that the case is vice versa as well. I also admit that we are all Indians at the end of the day and belong to one nation.

But, is that how we see ourselves unless and until there is a major mishap(terrorist activity of sorts)?

This is on account of what I have witnessed and am not out here to condemn, demeen or use derogatory terms against North Indians or Non-South Indians. I infact until recently always had a soft corner toward North Indians for reasons unknown.

I am appauled by the audacity of people who possibly don't consider themselves as INDIANS but also make fun of South Indians - their skin color, accents, style of speaking, pronunciation, habits and food while they(the non-South Indians) live in South India to earn their bread and butter. This annoys me the most. If you can't respect others for what and who they are the least you can do is not make fun of them(more so while you reside in their land). For the North Indians, South India equates to Madras(thanks to Bollywood as well) and black people as they refer to us. Black implies Dark, that is the right word in English for Kala(in hindi). Didn't you know?

A gujju once said:"There are snakes in the hole", he meant "There are snacks in the hall". A bong said:"There are babes in the water", he meant "There are waves in the water". A Punju said: "I am com-for-table" he meant "I am comfortable". What about those of you who replace the word "THINK" with the word "HOPE" in every other so called English sentence of yours("I hope you are frustrated"!, boy what was that? Well it means "I think you are frustrated")? Do we speak of achievers from various parts of India? Well I am not getting in to that. One can go on, but like I earlier said I am not out here to make fun of anyone but to express my views and disgust towards such people who make fun(unless done in good spirit) of others irrespective of wheather they are from the South or the North of India.

Disclaimer: My intent is not to target North Indians or Hindi speaking public(fellow Indians) through this post. I am trying to put across what I have seen and how South Indians(implies Madrasis) are victimised. I will be more than happy to read/hear from you about instances that work the other way round(though I never did or will deny the possibility and the reality). Neither am I generalising that all non-South Indians possess such an attitude towards South Indians nor am I trying to claim that South Indians do not have a problem and/or are very friendly, forthcoming and approachable towards non-South Indians.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoe Fetish

I ran through my archived posts and was surprised to note that I have not written about my fetish for footwear. Not that it is of prime importance or interest to my readers but sure will suggest that this is a gift that I will most happily accept(in addition to many others like Perfumes, Chocolates, etc). :P

Mind you, I am rather finicky about my choice of footwear and hence a gift voucher will be the best bet. I really liked Terra Shield's blog template(though I think it is a lil loud) but since she already had it in place, I decided to opt for a different template.

I totally totally love to shop for footwear and though I don't possess too many(20pairs) yet, will look forward to acquiring more with time.

Yes, I am completely out of ideas to blog about and hence all these crazy pictures and posts on my first page. First time visitors rather look at archived posts.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lucky Draw

Hey people, guess what? Yes, after all those gift vouchers I won a lucky draw.:-)

The fact that I am not sure about the genuinity and authenticity about the same is a separate issue, I am enjoying the present moment!

I happened to walk in to a mall that is a stones throw away from work, with my colleagues. Someone out there handed me this form to fill and drop into a box. I did so providing as less information as I could about myself and a few weeks later I received a call saying I won the draw.

And what did they have to offer? Accomodation for two(I was verbally told for four) for seven days in a 5 star resort, in either of the below mentioned places:

- Goa
- Kerala
- Srilanka
- Indonasia(Bali)

They also said that they will bear 20% of the food expeneses.

I was and still am super thrilled and excited about the idea of visitng Bali but am wondering if it is a hoax considering the fact that the information provided verbally as against that on the actual voucher does not match. There is no mention of the 20% food discount on the voucher.

The voucher was presented by Country Vacations and is valid from April through Sepetember 2009.

It seems like a marketing ploy to me. Anyone, aware of this? Do share your inputs and experiences, if any.

Monday, December 8, 2008

WBC Approved

My blog has been reviewed and approved by the World Blog Council. Thank you WBC, Frau von Sauertraut and Colonel Reginald Fotherington-Blogworthy!

the author certificate

"A left-handed, canine-lover bringing us light-hearted observations about love, life and the world around her." - The description is soooooo apt and so me.:-)

It was fun to read Colonel Reginald's comment about my often changing blog template. I truly like to experiment with templates but this past week, I spent almost all my time on the internet messing with my blog and it's template, as I was tired of the standard templates Blogger has to offer. This current template is here to stay for a while(so I think and believe).:P

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hinglish or Inglishu or Yungleesh or Angrezi

I could not resist sharing this image(a forward) that I chanced upon.
Hinglish or Inglishu or Yungleesh or Angrezi or whatever!
Whoever said that copy cannot be an art form.
The copy writer, along with a sense of humour also suffers from a sense of tumour!!(Pun intended).

Friday, November 28, 2008

New look

The above was the intended new look of my blog(I loved it), but unfortunately the template did not support several features that existed in my blog and thus I had to be content with this alternative new look!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Some of the famous(and infamous) southpaws:

- Mahatma Gandhi
- Napoleon Bonaparte
- Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan
- Jim Carrey
- Tom Cruise
- Pierce Brosnan
- Robert De Niro
- Charlie Chaplin
- Keanu Reeves
- Drew Barrymore
- Kim Basinger
- Whoopi Goldberg
- Goldie Hawn
- Angelina Jolie
- Nicole Kidman
- Marilyn Manroe
- Demi Moore
- Julia Roberts
- Oprah Winfrey
- Queen Elizabeth
- Prince William and Prince Charles
- Michelangelo
- Picasso
- Da Vinci
- Henry Ford
- Marie Curie
- Albert Einstein
- Bill Gates
- Neil Armstrong
- Bach and Beethoven
- Jimmi Hendrix
- Paul McCartney
- Ricky Martin
- Ronald Reagan
- Bill Clinton
- George H.W. Bush
- Osama Bin Laden
- Jack the Ripper
- Boston Strangler
- Barrack Obama
- Yours Truly! :-) ;-)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Unfortunately I do not have pictures of myself at those instances when I resembled the above mentioned people nor do I have a digital picture of my grandmother and hence had to make good with what I could lay my hands on.

Thank you -
Mota and Zaphod Beeblebrox for suggesting and helping me decide on a title for this blog post.:-) I was confused and thus went with the title that won the poll.

Disclaimer: I was told that I resembled the above individuals at various points in my life and this is not what I personally claim, though I may be in conjunction with those who told me so.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle....

The girl(the nightingale of our class and school) in the pink suit in the video was my classmate from school.:-)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cows in a Globalized World

Ever heard/seen cows that eat Biscuits, Chocolates, Ice cream, etc out of choice and not out of starvation(Yes, there are several cows that eat the glue(made of rice batter) behind posters on the road and from dustbins because of hunger)?

Such are the cows that belong to the NJR family in Madanapalle of Chitoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India. They prefer BRITANNIA TIGER biscuits. Taste buds in action?;-)

Take a look: Click on the hyper linked title.

Aren't they adorable? The cow on the right hand side at the start of the video has an EGO issue, or does she seek attention? Try feeding her after you are done with feeding the rest of the cows and she will refuse to eat, try vice versa and it works. Amazing?:-)

Disclaimer:Ah well, I am aware that they are completely and terribly pampered but I sure am not interested in reading comments about how good or bad it is for Cows to be eating such food.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tamilian Deliciacies to go with Curd Rice

I am not quite a foodie, yet I can't not mention some of the delicalies of Tamil Nadu that go with Thair Sadam(Curd Rice).
  • Narthanga
  • Veppalakatti
  • Mormozhga
  • Mavalikazhang
  • Mavadu
Yummmmm, delicious is an under statement. I sure have missed a few and am trying to recall...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fauji - My All Time Favorite Television Series

Yes, "Fauji" is my all time favorite television series. Thanks to Youtube(and my sis who told me to check it out there), did I get to catch up on the 13th, last and final episode that I missed that was aired on T.V years ago, as I was on my way to Hyderabad. Like my sis said the 'magic lasts till today'.

Can any ardent fan and follower of this T.V series forget Abhimanyu Rai(not to forget this was what gave ShahRukh Khan a jump start to his career) and Buddy Varun('I Say Chaps')? I wish there is a repeat telecast. I just loved them!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Freedom - Independence and Republic Day

Ever pondered on this?

Why is it that only as Independence/Republic Day is approaching, do most of us:

  • Start spamming each other's inboxes with forwards about Azaadi, Hamaara Bharath Mahan, etc?

  • Buy and pin flags to ourselves?

  • Wear clothes that contain the tri-color(Is that not disrespect to wrap the flag around)?

  • Telecast and watch so to speak Patriotic movies and Jai Jawan?

  • Recite the National Anthem(while we don't stand in attention and respect the anthem)?

The list is endless. It seems more like a forced ritual than something that comes from within. Why don't we otherwise think of the soldiers who pledge their life for the nation? Why does the government award them much lesser than software geeks when it comes to monetary benefits. There is no comparison to there services. Why does not the Indian government make it mandatory for every boy and girl to serve the nation for a minimum period of at least two years?

I believe there is no profession that can match the Forces(with all due to respect to them), be it Pride or Dignity.I understand, empathize and have great regard, as I come from a Defence family and always, wanted to join the Forces. Call it Fate, Destiny or Luck was not with me. :-(

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Irony of a Career in the Pvt. Sector

This is not just an affected, irritated, experienced and annoyed me writing this post but I am more than sure that there are umpteen folks out there who will nod their heads in agreement to my views.

It's bloody frustrating, as long as you are in the system you can't say a thing neither about your boss, manager, HR(Human Resources) guys, for fear of being screwed(be it getting fired or performance or whatever crap) and then you tell yourself that whenever you leave you will slash back at each and everyone of them. And finally, when you bloody leave you can't say a thing because you want the reliving letter, you want the final settlement to come through peacefully and worst of all your next employer will contact your previous employer/manager for reference. The system sucks!

It's not that I am just hot headed and a chicken. When it comes to my professional life I sure am not a chicken. I vow that I will give it back every single time(and have done so on several occasions if not all), there is no point cribbing to friends and family and putting up with shit.

Thanks to ma blog - I manage to vent for the temporary present!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stomachless - What does this mean? I ain't have a great stomach? Frequent stomach upset issues, a poor eater/bad apetite, can't stomach things?

Well, I think it's predominantly the latter followed by the second(poor eater):-(. I sure can't keep secrets about the self and small, not so important stuff about others(between friends). I am so unlike a true Scorpion, when it comes to keeping secrets. Does that mean you can't trust/confide in me? Naaaa...definitely not, though it would be better off when others say so. If it's a serious issue, you can stay rest assured that my lips are sealed and that your secret will die with me.

Like some idiots crib, complain, paint their faces and hog all the time, I yap away to glory, most often than not(that's the problem, or do I say culprit)? :P Well, I admit so and am working on the issue, but what the hell it's between close buddies(common friends, needless to say)!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lethargy, Procrastination and Me

Lethargy and Procrastination are words synonmn to me. Lethargy has set in big time, since the past few years. I sit around like a fat slob,complete couch potato and do no physical work/exercise. Absolutely no discipline, energy or spurthi as is said in Hindi and Sanskrit. No matter how much my folks yell, explain and try endlessly, I remain the same.:-(

In addition to this I procrastinate like no body's business. From the smallest to the biggest decisions in life, I put them off. Realization has set in but what I will do/not do to deal with Lethargy and Procrastination is something only time will tell!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Douglas Bader

A bruise, a cut, an injury, a pain of any sort - in the neck, ear, gums, back, legs, each time I feel the inscrutable pain of one over the other. I wonder what strength, motivation and determination went in to Douglas Bader and his efforts. Douglas Bader an ALL TIME HERO, the movie "Reach For the Sky"(on him), one of my favorites. He indeed did reach the sky!

Friday, July 4, 2008

God, Creation and Evolution?

Ever thought of this? It's rather interesting, the difference between creation and evolution and how the two are inter-related? If god created(completed to a full point) then how is the world continu
-ing to evolve(an ongoing process)?That brings us to the question, of the existence of god!

A friend of mine(an ardent Osho fan) came up with this other interesting theory about god's existence(if the creator and the creation are two separate entities then who created the space where the creator was while creating the creation?) , that I will leave for him to explain in his comment(hopefully he does). Hope I got that theory right.

Osho says God is a consolation, fiction invented by man.

All of this sounds true but this man created consolation, illusion(GOD) stands to be the cause of fear and respect amongst millions.

May be I am a follower of agnosticism, an agnostic.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My beautiful face
Best Friends
Ice Cream
Italian Food
Dressing up
Chit Chat
Idiot Box
Pani Puri


Religion(won't get in to specifics):P
Human Resources
Nosy people
Double Standards

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Colloquial Tamil


Swear Words:

I have missed on loads of other words....tell me?

Friday, May 2, 2008

Traffic Today!

How does it feel to ride in today’s traffic, especially in an urban area? Riding a two wheeler or driving a four wheeler is no more a pleasure in any of the cosmopolitan cities, it is more of a necessity and a convenience factor.

Everyone is zooming away, irrespective of size, capacity and horsepower. Everyone is in a hurry and everyone thinks the road is a racecourse/racing arena. What with the banks offering vehicle loans day in and day out, there are several thousand vehicles registered every day. An increase in population and India Shining(opening up and growth of economy) has lead to a vehicle overload on the roads today.

There is absolutely no road sense, be it an educated/uneducated person riding/driving, be it a richster/poor man, be it a man/woman, be it a teenager/old person. Invariably people don’t follow rules. Everyone think they are super smart and try break the rules thereby causing traffic jams, accidents and chaos for themselves. For instance when it comes to overtaking, you have people overtaking you from both sides and they don’t honk while they overtake, while that’s when they need to let you know so. And freak what about those idiots who ride on the right side of the road….ever wondered why? That’s cause he/she has just returned from the United States of America you see, will take a while for the individual to get accustomed to the Indian rule of riding/driving on the left hand side of the road. What with the kind of turns they take, people who want to turn left, stand at the extreme right at a signal and cut across the rest. Annoying or what? Even better, at a signal/traffic jam, the horn is used to it’s maximum. I turn to tell the bloody fool to ‘fly over’ me, if s/he is blind not to see that there is no where I can move.

I ride very slowly and hence am ridiculed but I care two hoots. My life is precious and I believe in following the rules and riding safe, cause all around me are senseless idiots, who possess the power to purchase and have a machine to accelerate. They have no bloody brains, all they can do is fight, create chaos, add to NOISE pollution, help add fowl language and words to one’s vocabulary and ensure that others become BP patients at the EOD.

To ride/drive and handle traffic on Indian roads with all kinds of vehicles, big and small(bullock carts to Volvo buses), is not just a huge task but a skill by itself. What do you think?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Human Resources @ Corporates

What is your first reaction when you hear the word "Human Resources"?

Well well I have been meaning to write this post for a while now but a heated argument with someone I know has lead me to do so finally(THIS IS NOT INTENDED TOWARDS ANY INDIVIDUAL IN SPECIFIC).

For several unknown unfortunate reasons I personally have always had not so great experiences with people from the HR world at organizations that I have worked with so far. I always thought it is with that specific individual or that HR lot in that specific organization but NO that's not how it is. Experience and time tells me it's the same almost everywhere. I know it's not good to generalize, criticize, judge and comment on people. I am not perfect, no one is perfect but this is an observation and an opinion that I am entitled to express with a certain clan, leaving aside a few exceptions. I sincerely hope that I do come across those exceptions at the earliest.

This is not just me speaking but several of my colleagues, ex-colleagues, friend's etc are on the same page when it comes to this issue.

My best friend, cousin and a few other friends and acquaintances are in this field, with due respect to all of them and their professions I as an outsider to their family feel and believe so. In fact I did once ask my friend:
"Why do you HR guys have such attitude? In fact I have noticed most of you are not aware of your own subject, work and stuff and still have that attitude".

This is what she said in response:" It's the feeling of power, because we hire and fire"

I then told her:"It's not you who decides to hire and fire, you are only the medium used to hire and fire".

For whatever reasons we left it at that. I once had an issue with my HR rep during my exit process. She intimates me of the 'exit interview' through chat(MSN) and not through an email. Mind you this organization follows and has a procedure in place to even move a chair from one position to the other and because I asked her 'Why she did not formally intimate me?', she snapped at me. Boy! what attitude and why(I fail to understand)? Firstly you are at fault and instead of admitting it you get back at me? Yes, I agree we all make blunders but to be arrogant while you are at fault?

What can I say.....I only hope I come across the real nice HR types(and not the smooth talkers) soon.

Disclaimer: I have nothing personal with anyone from the world of HR, be it my friends, family, HR colleagues, etc and thus this post is not directed towards any particular individual.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Godly Men & Women – Are they Real?

Ever wondered about the various religious/spiritual leaders(Baba’s, Guru’s, Mai’s and mother’s)? Well I am not gonna take names as this is a very sensitive and personal issue. Do we need a guru who shows and leads us through the holy path to godliness? Does God exist(that’s separate topic by itself, that I will not get into now)?

Meditation, Concentration, Focus, Spirituality, Saint-ism/hood are they all to be taught(agreed it is a personal choice)? Can’t one learn and attain them by oneself? No harm in learning them from a Guru, as one may not get to see a perspective on various issues of life by oneself. There again, is one not restraining oneself to the perspectives and ideas held by one’s guru, alone?

How many of these guruji’s and mataji’s(of different discipline’s and religions) today are genuine? Are these so called spiritual leaders saints in their daily lives? Are they honest to themselves? For some reason most of them appear fake to me.

Why is it necessary for them to attain a certain kind of avatar? Why must they wear a certain colored robe(orange, white usually), long beard(in case of men) and huge bindi’s with a weird hairstyle that is left lose(in case of women). Is it not just a form of livelihood for them at the EOD at the cost of the general public?

I continue to seek answers….

Friday, April 25, 2008

Is Man Meant to be Monogamous?

I observed that it's all around me, in the papers, online, discussions on television, everywhere....all that you get to here about these days is - the change in culture and hence a culture shock. Is it Western influence on India or is it about the natural side of humans that's coming out? Live-in relationships, polygamy, infidelity, etc?

Ever wondered why all other animals have several sexual partners/mates except humans? Is it natural to be monogamous? Looking back and giving it a serious thought - it doesn't seem to be the case. Being faithful and to have one partner for a lifetime, is what society has binded on us for convenience. An institution like marriage helps children grow in a secure environment and with a balanced mind. It's for financial and emotional security that man seems to have laid these rules.

It is but natural for a human(man or woman) to be attracted to more than one human in his/her lifetime? Why did the kings and queens or the men and women in the tribal era, have multiple partners? That was natural and humans being human like any other animal.

Thus with financial independence, liberalisation, freedom and rise of women power in a nation like ours, society is witnessing and will continue to witness a change(that seems like a rebel of sorts) in marriages and relationships. The statistics indicate a sudden and high rise in the number of divorces and single parents off late especially in urban areas.

Unfortunately the concept of fidelity and one man - one woman is so drilled into our heads that despite understanding reality it is NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE to accept the same in reality leave aside putting it in practice.

Has society(in the past) made life difficult for it's future generations(us and the generations to come) by setting such rules(it is invetible that the rules will be broken, it is only a matter of time)?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Blog Anniversary!

It's been a year since I started blogging! Today is my first blog anniversary! :) Feels good to have maintained an online diary of sorts...when I first started, I blogged way too often and then slowly the frequency reduced. I have blogged about various topics from sensitive issues, my favorite people to the craziest of things under the sun. It sure helped vent and express my various thoughts and emotions! It was interesting to know what others felt and thought about my blog posts - some agreed, some disagreed while others had different POVs.

The blog has been a great friend. I plan to continue to blog away.:)

Happy B'day My Dear Blog!:-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wg.Cdr.KalyanSundaram - My Darling!

This post has been due for a while, I don't know if it was a coincidence, an indication or a premonition of sorts. A week before his demise(05th February, 2008) I wanted to write a blog post on him, hoping he'd read my blog that way, at least. I wanted to gift him something really nice, for reasons unknown to me. Lil did I know that his end was near and that a few days down the line, I'd have to face and handle the bitter truth of life.:-(

I wanted to write this post about one of the few men:
- I loved and will always love
- Who made a difference in and to my life(whose presence and even name always brought a smile on my face.I considered him an idol)
- I adored and adored me

And this man is Wg.Cdr. KalyanSundaram(was awarded the VSM by the IAF) alias Ramani alias Speedy(as he was known in the Indian Air Force), my Rthatha(my favorite granduncle). I knew this would be an instance that would be very hard to handle but I still was not prepared and did not expect it to happen the way it did. His demise was unexpected and thus a shock and blow to the family and friends, yet beautiful.

He was LIVELY as can be.He electrified the place, no matter where, what and who were there. Untidy and shabby that he was, yet lovable and adorable:-). HOSPITALITY was ALWAYS AT IT's BEST at his home, like no others!(Kudos to R, Manjamma, Sudhapini and Bhushanmama). They ALWAYS ROCKED!

Was he intelligent or what? He was an Engineer(mechanical/aeronautical) by profession but not a trained Computer/Software Engineer but ask him anything about the comp(absolutely any issue - a technical snag, the internet, any kind of software, the i-pod and system compatibility, etc) and bingo - he had the answer! As he used to say my PC goes kaput.

Who will:
- I now ask for all the comp related help?:-(
- now fix me a drink(Bloody Mary)?
- tell me to run away and ask him for tickets when I do so?
- address me as "ai you so-and-so"?
- ping me on MSN at 8PM while I am at work and repeatedly tell me to leave for home, while I don't stop telling him that my office cab does not leave for home before 9PM?
- burn all those Dean Martin and Harry Belafonte songs for me?
- cook delicacies for me?
- buy me Tirnalvelli halwa?
- I listen to chant the VisnhuSahasranamam?

From Sudoku, Crossword, Detanators, to the engine of a Microlite he'd solve em all in a jiffy.

Did he know to live life to the fullest or what - be it while in the Indian Air Force or otherwise? People at work, IISc, family, friends and even the kids(special children) at his wife's school(Swayamkrushi) loved and adored him.

He lived a beautiful life on his terms and died an even beautiful death on his bed at his home in his sleep(as he desired). He went away with such dignity, with no pain/illness and trouble to anyone.

Lord give all of us whom he has left behind the strength to accept his LOSS(it's still not sinking in).


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Old is Gold - Always?!

Is Old always gold? Why is it that humans crib, crib and crib when it comes to their workplace, colleagues and immediate boss(this so applies to me :P) and when they eventually move to a new place of work or a new team they keep saying that the organisation they earlier served or the team/boss/colleagues they worked with previously were way better than the present?

I wonder if it is:
- about never being able to be happy with what one has?
- about cribbing that leads to temporary solace/relief/release of negative energy(won't Catharsis help better)?
- about Late Realisation that happens for the moment(temporary)?
- about getting used to the idea of your colleagues, nature of work, immediate boss and workplace atmosphere?
- a combination of all of the above?

I continue to wonder...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love, Trust, Moral Values - where have they gone?

What is LOVE? I believe TRUST forms the essence of LOVE. Do we misuse the word LOVE?

What with independence, economic progress, liberal thoughts and dminishing moral values - where are we heading?

To say you are in love and then to betray, to evade commitment - are these signs of a cultured human?

If you are not ready for commitment, do not believe in the institution of marriage, then fool around with as many people(either of the same sex as you or the opposite sex)but why involve an individual who does not think like you and fool him/her? Find a partner who thinks like you or fool around with as many with no strings attached whatsoever but why target a married soul? What do you get by traumatising another individual and breaking another family for your temporary pleasure?

Are we not to be cultured animals, who have evolved with time?

Lord, save the Human Race!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Gift Vouchers!

My first post in the year 2008!

Well the year has started on a no-note(neither good nor bad) but yes, the one nice thing for sure has been the gift vouchers that I have received at the end of 2007 and at the start of 2008!:-)

I have been rather lucky and it feels great because I am not used to winning such vouchers. It was one of those days when I was jobless at work that I tried my hand at re-arranging a clothes line on the Miss Players(the women's collection by John Players) website and few days down the line I received a gift voucher!

What with all the reality shows on television? I randomly sent out a few votes from my mobile and bang, I received a voucher from Giftmate. What more I could I ask for???:-)

In addition I got a few vouchers from work, one of em for my b'day!

I hope such vouchers keep pouring in all through the year and may all my dreams and wishes come true(in 2008))! Bless me and those of you who often visit my blog and post comments that are apt! :P