Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Ode to You

Felt good to know that there were others as well (fellow blogger: Kartik) who arose at unearthly hours(4.30a.m) and let their creative side take over. Here goes the creative me...

I took you for granted 
I let you down

I disappointed 
  upset              You  (so did you)
Yet, I can't stop loving thee(you).

I love, cherish every moment, Good, Bad and Ugly, that went by.
You are an eternal part of me, be it physical or abstract in form!

Love does not: Possess,

Oh mother nature!
Bestow upon us the strength to accept life,
                                              not get bitter,
                                              maintain mutual respect.

Men will come , Men will go
I will love (wish you the best) thee (you) until my last breath in every birth to come!