Sunday, April 29, 2007


Who am I? Where do I come from? What am I here for? How do I contribute to humanity? What is my life worth?,etc - introspection or self-reflection, is something that almost all of us do at some stage in our lives. Is this a sign of growing up, the psyche or a combination of the two?

Do we find solutions to our questions or is procrastination a simpler and convenient choice? Does questioning help man evolve and realize? Does this phase of 'questioning oneself' repeat itself? It sure does, it is a logical and natural process,the answers to some of the questions do change with time, though.

Introspect and discover thy unknown self!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Destiny's Bird!!!

I wanna flee and see what it is like in the midst of the sea
Where it is me alone and destiny with open hands welcome me!!

I wanna flee and see what it is like in the midst of the sea
Where I can feel the wind in my face and see the other faces of my destiny!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dogs and Cats!!!

Are these animals cute and intelligent or what? I have heard of several stories on Animal Planet about how dogs help patients improve on various different health conditons. Dogs are loyal and cute. As they say DOGS are truly MAN'S BEST FRIEND!!! Cats are not just intelligent but very shrewd too.

They are apparently very unlike the other in their charecteristics - ABSOLUTE OPPOSITES!!!

Studying these most domesticated animals can be quite a pleasure and a great experience. Seeing them co-exist and live in harmony gives immense happiness to a dog/cat lover.

Read this: Cat becomes bus regular in Britain

How smart is that?

Look at them wrestle/play with each other!!!

Wonder how cats are different from dogs? View this video and you'll know :-)

Instead of domesticating these lovable creatures man wants to kill them just because of one odd incident. Figure out a way to deal with the problem of growing numbers of strays in a civilized manner, that is HUMAN. Killing them ruthlessly is not a SOLUTION. This is a cause for serious CONCERN!

Vaccinate them and if they need to be put to sleep do so only as a last resort and not by injecting chemicals and being inhuman.

Adopt them, love them and they will love you like no one else - atleast the dogs!!!

Bless the animals and may those who harm them die a death of misery!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Nostalgic Memories - The Then Chennai Hangout Spots!!!

I so miss the good old days and live life with the beautiful memories!!!(I hang on to those memories and refuse to let go) Boy!! Will those days ever come back? I'd love to re-live them.

Re-visitng the city(Chennai), I grew up in brought back memories of those precious moments I spent with my best pals - who no more are around in the city or the country. How much time we used to spend at the Beach(Elliots),the weirdest of excuse and we'd scoot on our new bikes to the beach. Walk up and down the ramp like crazy adolescents......guys giving gurls the looks and vice versa- site adikardhu as it is called.

Alsa Mall at Egmore(namma pettai),the then Mall at Madras - one of the first of it's kind. There was nothin to beat Spencer's though....Clubbing and pubbing at places like HFO,EC41, Zara and Bike n Barrel!!! - all chup chupke - was it fun or what!?

Fruit Shop,Gallopin Gooseberries, Foodcourt, Qwiky's, Barista, Cozee at Bessi(namma pettai again) and the list goes I missing some place?

Gone are those days....the spots have changed, the place is crowded and I have outgrown those crazy acts but I still do miss those times...and now the city looks a stranger to me - with not a soul I know.......but good Old Madras remains HOT with those wide roads...and that language(the colloquial) I loooooooooooove:-).

Nalla Madras,Namma Madras - Madras Namma Madras! :-)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Phase - This will also pass!!!

Every phase(good, bad, difficult) in life is something that will pass and is temporary.

We know that but do we realise the same? Are we conscious of the fact - that it is just a phase, that will pass? Whether we like it or not we go through different phases in life and learn a lot out of each phase with or without realizing that we are constantly learning.

Like Practice makes a man Perfect, Patience makes a man sail through any and every phase of life!!!

To Do Or Not To Do?? - Is The Question

Do I study further or not?
Do I study in India or not?
Do I consider studying abroad or not?
Do I consider a change in job or not?
Do I consider a break or not?
Do I.....?

Phew!!! The list goes on and alas, I continue to ask myself the same question and wonder...'what to do and what not to do'!!!

The question - 'To do or not to do?' - is it a choice or confusion or is it a choice that leads to confusion?

I have no clue whatsoever, I wish I figure the answers to these questions asap.

Bless me!!!