Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Middle Ground

Waiting for other folks to join the chemistry lab at high school, he attempts to make polite conversation to kill the choking silence. A snob that she was, she'd hardly make conversation with strangers. Suddenly the rest of the gang joined in but it wasn't surely the end. From there they got chatting taking lunch breaks that blossomed in to friendship which seemed serendipitous at the end of it all.

Like friends would, they hung out for coffee, a roof top drink or two, din din, long drives, travel and late night walks in the serenity of the locality they resided in. Little did they know that friendship was walking another path. Friends who enjoyed each other's company yet were getting to be more than friends though not in love. 

Everyone said they were in love, at times they joked themselves as well. Come what may they decided to be friends despite the seemingly weird equation they shared. If you look at them, either from a distance or up close, they always appeared in love. Strangers or friends saw them getting too close. Were they the victims or were they engulfed? That’s a question that is better left unanswered. Bets were placed as to whether they would fall in love or not, but in the end like always if the friendship is not shallow it prevails. A meaningful friendship concocted by emotions like the colors of the rainbow; they delved in it, lived the present and enjoyed every passing moment. The so called moralistic, pretentious society lost and they remained ‘friends for life’.

Surreal as it was, geographical distances did em apart (education took priority), while cherished memories kept bringing em back together!!! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Thank you for being there,
Thank you for being YOU,
Thank you for lifting me up,
Thank you for looking me in the eye and speaking your mind,
Thank you for all the good times and bad,
Thank you for your presence in my life,
Thank you for loving me and 
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you and love you!

My definition of love - All those who made me feel beautiful from the inside, either for a short or a long span of time!