Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Blog Anniversary!

It's been a year since I started blogging! Today is my first blog anniversary! :) Feels good to have maintained an online diary of sorts...when I first started, I blogged way too often and then slowly the frequency reduced. I have blogged about various topics from sensitive issues, my favorite people to the craziest of things under the sun. It sure helped vent and express my various thoughts and emotions! It was interesting to know what others felt and thought about my blog posts - some agreed, some disagreed while others had different POVs.

The blog has been a great friend. I plan to continue to blog away.:)

Happy B'day My Dear Blog!:-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wg.Cdr.KalyanSundaram - My Darling!

This post has been due for a while, I don't know if it was a coincidence, an indication or a premonition of sorts. A week before his demise(05th February, 2008) I wanted to write a blog post on him, hoping he'd read my blog that way, at least. I wanted to gift him something really nice, for reasons unknown to me. Lil did I know that his end was near and that a few days down the line, I'd have to face and handle the bitter truth of life.:-(

I wanted to write this post about one of the few men:
- I loved and will always love
- Who made a difference in and to my life(whose presence and even name always brought a smile on my face.I considered him an idol)
- I adored and adored me

And this man is Wg.Cdr. KalyanSundaram(was awarded the VSM by the IAF) alias Ramani alias Speedy(as he was known in the Indian Air Force), my Rthatha(my favorite granduncle). I knew this would be an instance that would be very hard to handle but I still was not prepared and did not expect it to happen the way it did. His demise was unexpected and thus a shock and blow to the family and friends, yet beautiful.

He was LIVELY as can be.He electrified the place, no matter where, what and who were there. Untidy and shabby that he was, yet lovable and adorable:-). HOSPITALITY was ALWAYS AT IT's BEST at his home, like no others!(Kudos to R, Manjamma, Sudhapini and Bhushanmama). They ALWAYS ROCKED!

Was he intelligent or what? He was an Engineer(mechanical/aeronautical) by profession but not a trained Computer/Software Engineer but ask him anything about the comp(absolutely any issue - a technical snag, the internet, any kind of software, the i-pod and system compatibility, etc) and bingo - he had the answer! As he used to say my PC goes kaput.

Who will:
- I now ask for all the comp related help?:-(
- now fix me a drink(Bloody Mary)?
- tell me to run away and ask him for tickets when I do so?
- address me as "ai you so-and-so"?
- ping me on MSN at 8PM while I am at work and repeatedly tell me to leave for home, while I don't stop telling him that my office cab does not leave for home before 9PM?
- burn all those Dean Martin and Harry Belafonte songs for me?
- cook delicacies for me?
- buy me Tirnalvelli halwa?
- I listen to chant the VisnhuSahasranamam?

From Sudoku, Crossword, Detanators, to the engine of a Microlite he'd solve em all in a jiffy.

Did he know to live life to the fullest or what - be it while in the Indian Air Force or otherwise? People at work, IISc, family, friends and even the kids(special children) at his wife's school(Swayamkrushi) loved and adored him.

He lived a beautiful life on his terms and died an even beautiful death on his bed at his home in his sleep(as he desired). He went away with such dignity, with no pain/illness and trouble to anyone.

Lord give all of us whom he has left behind the strength to accept his LOSS(it's still not sinking in).