Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life is Purposeless and Meaningless

We humans eat, sleep, breathe and excrete because our system requires the same from us in order to function well, these things are not completely in our control and but natural. That is how our biological clock and system works. In addition we re-produce. We crave for material assets that give us some kinda weird pleasure but this can't be the purpose of life or does life have a purpose at all?

To do things that one likes, appreciates and enjoys is an experience not a purpose. Life in itself is an experience.

Like mentioned in an earlier post, life undoubtedly is a path that leads to the unknown.

A friend of mine says that it is when one feels joy and happiness from within,can connect with the cosmic energy and feels secure and protected by this cosmic energy is then that one has attained the purpose of life or is that Nirvana? Life's purpose is also to help others attain or come some where close to feeling this happiness from within, one step at a time, she says.

I can't quite comprehend and relate to this while another friend says, our mind is tuned to and can only understand logic and not irrational stuff. This is the reason why many of us tend to provide some kind of an answer as the purpose and meaning of life or existence. No matter what answer one provides, the next question that will arise is 'Why'. Why is xyz, the purpose of life, if that is answered it will be followed by another question 'Why so'. Hence there is no final answer for this question.

Why do people who have attained peace with themselves still need to earn and possess those material comforts? May be, this inner peace is a state of mind that exists only for a period of time(from one time to another) and does not last forever or is that not the case? What on earth is this peace from within? Again this friend, says that according to him it is about doing things you like, enjoy and are passionate about and enjoying every bit of what you do, sitting back and appreciating the world around you and not just being part of the rat race. This is not the definition but could possibly be somewhere close.

To me life, is abstract, bizarre and so is it's purpose and meaning. Guess it lacks both!