Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A list of random thoughts with absolute disconnect, from the draft folder.  

Does it make sense to use the phrase 'To each his own'? How practically feasible is it to apply the same in reality? Every individual has his/her own perception and take on everything in life but is life not all about compromises and adjustments?

Thus, ain't there a contradiction? 
Does sharing come naturally to humankind or do we try inculcate the habit? Sharing includes materialistic goods as well as life’s. I really wonder if we can do so with no compulsion and for life?

Does the horizon really exist?

Can you draw a parallel? Is it not about how the mind is conditioned? Get the drift?!
It happens only in India: A few things that exasperate and annoy me no end:
 - A chappal on the middle of the road

- A bus/truck with a branch or a stem of leaves hooked on to it t
indicate a break down.

- The payroll/finance team (outsourced entities) at corporates.

This list is incomplete, will be updated periodically.
How many lives do we possess? Does every life on planet Earth possess a previous life and another to come? Is it all about religion, faith and belief or is there any scientific proof behind all of this?

Heaven is where the good people go and hell is where your bad deeds take you. Agnost, Pessimist  and Sadist that I am, I have no clue if God exists or not, nor do I know who goes to heaven or hell and why but I sure can say that good people are not as happy as they ought to be and vice versa!
Solitude and me? I love it. To lunch by myself, spend time with myself, although with technology around me and not completely by myself. It's fun to do so....dunno why people find it strange, weird and out of the normal.

Solitude does not mean brooding, it can imply introspection or just enjoying one's space.