Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Bheemeshwari is 105kms from Bangalore and is a stretch of the Cauvery river. I finally went river rafting here on the 14th of October, 2007. Rafting was not half as exciting as the water level wasn't too high and the rapids not a of a high grade either. Nevertheless to be lost amidst nature and it's serene beauty was a break I deserved and badly needed.

The entire trip was good though rather exhausting. I jumped into the river and tried to check if I was still in touch with my swimming skills but couldn't stay in the water for long out of fear for crocodiles (I was paranoid). We did a short trek up to the watch tower from where the view was beautiful. The trek made me realize that I am only growing fatter by the day and possess no stamina whatsoever :-(.

We got to see, mommy n baby elephants, deers and kites. I wish the rapids were many, that sure would have made the adrenalin rush. It still was a good experience for first timers. Meeting and spending the day with a group of strangers was an experience by itself (though I hardly did any talking).

I definitely need more such breaks from time to time and am looking forward to the next one!:-)

Saturday, October 6, 2007


How important is workplace ambience? Is it as important as the people, nature of work, brand, etc? I for sure find even the thought and idea very hard to accept.

Or is it a switch over from a brand that has the ambience to a small place? May be a shift the other way round would be better. Is it to be looked as a price to pay for a better career path and future?
Isn't travelling 3hrs a day not a price paid?

Loads of such questions, that remain unanswered.

Any thoughts?