Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Feeling Place and my Inner Being

Who determines how I feel? No other has the power to influence how I feel (no matter the situation), except me. When I blame another for how I feel, it is my personal battle and has nothing to do with the other.

For instance, the loss (transition from the physical) of a loved one, makes me feel miserable not for the other but for myself because of the fact that the other is no longer going to be physically around me. It is my battle with my inner being.

My relationship with my inner being is all that matters. The better I feel, the closer I am to myself (Source/Inner Being), as source sees everything and everyone from a place of love. Others are a reflection of how I am vibrating towards them.

I am energy and an extension of source, in physical form. Some call it source energy, some god, some a supernatural power - it is all the same!

For those who don't understand or believe that every particle in this universe is made up of energy, the theory - 'You don't give another the power to determine how you feel', may make sense.

In totality, how I feel is up to me and NOT you, thus allowing me to create a great life experience (of love, happiness, joy and bliss), for myself!!!