Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chit Chat's Second Birthday!

Happy Second Birthday, Chit-Chat!

In the year that went by not much had been said nor done. Chit Chat was re-vamped and given a new look.

Hopefully the third year witnesses more meaningful n fun blog posts.

You've always helped me vent, irrespective of whether I published the post or not.

Thank you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Borrow/Lend = Return/Not Return?

To Borrow or lend implies that the commodity is supposed to be returned, right? So when people borrow stuff, especially money(irrespective of the amount - big or small) why do they conviniently forget to return, more often than not?

As a principle I beleive in returning every pie I borrow, if at all I do ever happen to borrow. I try avoid such transactions, unless inevitable and hence expect the same incase I lend. I believe money can mar a relationship irrespective of how close you are with the other person. It's not about how much(I have had people telling me "it is such a small amount, why do you care?") but about the principle.

Nature only knows whether such people have a conscience!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Culture or Chauvanism?

What is the Ram Sena upto? What Indian culture are they refering to? Do they even realise what "culture" means? No individual has the right to intervene in another individual's life. How one dresses, socialises, etc is not any other individual or groups business. As long as the legal framework is adhered to, who is the Ram Sena to tell any life bearing body in this country what to do or what not to do? Whether one apes the west or not, is one's personal prerogative.

It is sad and unfortunate to see such anti-social elements and their acts in this land of Khajuraho and KamaSutra. These are merely a group of ill-informed(half-baked knowledge) people who stoop to any extent for mere poltical gain. To remain in power, you use the public? How sad is the state of this democracy?

I like the approach(ahimsa) that the Pink Chaddi campaign adopted to. :)

Lil does the Ram Sena realize that there are youngsters out there who took advantage of their announcement about getting couples seen in public on Valentine's day married off. Who knows, how very mature, sure were these individuals about their decision or themselves? What right, authority did the Ram Sena have to decide their future?

Gandhiji sure must be turning in his grave.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Public Display of Respect

In a land like ours(India), respecting your elders, goes without saying. It is grilled into us from childhood but how important is it to display the same?

Is it true that you value your elders only if you address them with phrases such as "bhaiya/anna","didi/akka", suffixed to their names or by falling at their feet every time you meet them? I am not saying that one MUST NOT do such stuff. Infact I have observed over time that most(not all) elders find a certain pleasure when you ask for their blessings and fall at their feet(I don't lose anything by giving them that happiness and so I do so, when required i.e. on occassions). Yet, I feel that respect is something one must feel from within towards the other irrespective of age, relationship and displaying respect is NOT MANDATORY. In other words, if you don't fall at your elder's feet or address them in a certain manner it does not mean that you DISRESPECT them or that you are ILL MANNERED(some people strongly think otherwise).

I think the same applies to PDA!

Follow your heart and do what you believe in. Simply suit yourself!

Non-related Stuff: I finally visited the Race Course and it was a beautiful sight to see those majestic, handsome horses run the last lap in reality as against watching the same on the idiot box. But for the bad crowd and sadly maintained Turf Club, I'd sure love to visit the place more often!