Monday, December 13, 2010

Arranged integrity

What is this world coming to? Is it not important to be true to an interviewer, doctor, lawyer and life partner to be?

It appalls me when people I know (educated, young, modern with liberal views - so called, eh?) do not tell their partners to be/prospective (scenario: Indian arranged marriages) about their habits like drinking, smoking, eating non-veg and about a past if they have had one. Is not the basis of such a relationship based on trust and faith? When the very basics are not in place, how will the relationship bloom and last?

The other may not like and approve of your habits being a teetotaler or an animal lover and might make efforts to change you but at the end of the day should one not respect the other, as it is a personal choice? As for a past, what's the harm? Many of us do have a past and coming out clean is my take. Don't share gory details but you did not know this new person then, so...?

On the other extreme I know of others who are frank to the extent of sharing details that are serious and cause concern. Kudos to em!

The pessimist in me says: the former do well for themselves, eventually!

This is life in the big, bad world!!!

Disclaimer: This is an opinion being shared and not an accusation. Nor is the blogger trying to be the world's Moral Police.