Saturday, June 23, 2012


While they say... "I come alone and go alone, why can't I live alone?" Reality is a paradox -
'good or bad', I am on my own and so are you!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

High Tide, Low Tide, Time and Tide

A wave was he who came by and swept her off her feet, 
as she stood by the shore staring at the horizon.
She swayed along amid the tempestuous tides of life, 
falling here and rising there.

A wave was he who picked her up time and again,
from the trough, down below.

Rise and fall did she until he the wave cast her ashore,
lest she think this is for eternity.

She lay there dazed, wondering if ever she'd encounter another 
wave like thee!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life's faces

A man,
A son,
A brother,
A partner,
A father,
A friend,
An employee/employer,
Varied roles...

A face for society,
A face for family,
A face for a partner,
A face for a friend,
A face for colleagues,

A face for yourself,
A face in the mirror?
Varied faces...

Faces for the phase called LIFE?

Who is the true man (you) ? Is this about balancing or performance?

Monday, February 6, 2012

The bugs that bug me...

Bugs (usually irritating and unwanted creatures) all around me, in different shapes and sizes. Bugs in the garden, in code (the sorts that can be detected and corrected), ones that I can live with and one’s that I can deal with at work, and  those that I don’t want to deal with but have no choice. Don’t they all cause me stress? ‘Bugging me’ entails the bug’s pleasure!

Am I a bug? Do I bug others – off course I do, like the honey bee (except that I rarely sting/bite).

The only bug that I LIKE – the Volkswagen Beetle. J

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Middle Ground

Waiting for other folks to join the chemistry lab at high school, he attempts to make polite conversation to kill the choking silence. A snob that she was, she'd hardly make conversation with strangers. Suddenly the rest of the gang joined in but it wasn't surely the end. From there they got chatting taking lunch breaks that blossomed in to friendship which seemed serendipitous at the end of it all.

Like friends would, they hung out for coffee, a roof top drink or two, din din, long drives, travel and late night walks in the serenity of the locality they resided in. Little did they know that friendship was walking another path. Friends who enjoyed each other's company yet were getting to be more than friends though not in love. 

Everyone said they were in love, at times they joked themselves as well. Come what may they decided to be friends despite the seemingly weird equation they shared. If you look at them, either from a distance or up close, they always appeared in love. Strangers or friends saw them getting too close. Were they the victims or were they engulfed? That’s a question that is better left unanswered. Bets were placed as to whether they would fall in love or not, but in the end like always if the friendship is not shallow it prevails. A meaningful friendship concocted by emotions like the colors of the rainbow; they delved in it, lived the present and enjoyed every passing moment. The so called moralistic, pretentious society lost and they remained ‘friends for life’.

Surreal as it was, geographical distances did em apart (education took priority), while cherished memories kept bringing em back together!!! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Thank you for being there,
Thank you for being YOU,
Thank you for lifting me up,
Thank you for looking me in the eye and speaking your mind,
Thank you for all the good times and bad,
Thank you for your presence in my life,
Thank you for loving me and 
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know you and love you!

My definition of love - All those who made me feel beautiful from the inside, either for a short or a long span of time!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Cloud: Writer's Block

Thoughts scattered all over the place, but the cloud called the writer's block just doesn't seem to let go me. How many more incomplete drafts before my next published post, I wonder?!

Oh cloud - go away and let me write, will you?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Explore the unknown (life), appreciate small things of life;
Enjoy natural wonders, behold the joy around;
Focus on the inner self in a state of thoughtless awareness;
Connect with the universe!

Indeed a recipe to a much desired and always welcomed 'Miracle'!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Arranged integrity

What is this world coming to? Is it not important to be true to an interviewer, doctor, lawyer and life partner to be?

It appalls me when people I know (educated, young, modern with liberal views - so called, eh?) do not tell their partners to be/prospective (scenario: Indian arranged marriages) about their habits like drinking, smoking, eating non-veg and about a past if they have had one. Is not the basis of such a relationship based on trust and faith? When the very basics are not in place, how will the relationship bloom and last?

The other may not like and approve of your habits being a teetotaler or an animal lover and might make efforts to change you but at the end of the day should one not respect the other, as it is a personal choice? As for a past, what's the harm? Many of us do have a past and coming out clean is my take. Don't share gory details but you did not know this new person then, so...?

On the other extreme I know of others who are frank to the extent of sharing details that are serious and cause concern. Kudos to em!

The pessimist in me says: the former do well for themselves, eventually!

This is life in the big, bad world!!!

Disclaimer: This is an opinion being shared and not an accusation. Nor is the blogger trying to be the world's Moral Police.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A list of random thoughts with absolute disconnect, from the draft folder.  

Does it make sense to use the phrase 'To each his own'? How practically feasible is it to apply the same in reality? Every individual has his/her own perception and take on everything in life but is life not all about compromises and adjustments?

Thus, ain't there a contradiction? 
Does sharing come naturally to humankind or do we try inculcate the habit? Sharing includes materialistic goods as well as life’s. I really wonder if we can do so with no compulsion and for life?

Does the horizon really exist?

Can you draw a parallel? Is it not about how the mind is conditioned? Get the drift?!
It happens only in India: A few things that exasperate and annoy me no end:
 - A chappal on the middle of the road

- A bus/truck with a branch or a stem of leaves hooked on to it t
indicate a break down.

- The payroll/finance team (outsourced entities) at corporates.

This list is incomplete, will be updated periodically.
How many lives do we possess? Does every life on planet Earth possess a previous life and another to come? Is it all about religion, faith and belief or is there any scientific proof behind all of this?

Heaven is where the good people go and hell is where your bad deeds take you. Agnost, Pessimist  and Sadist that I am, I have no clue if God exists or not, nor do I know who goes to heaven or hell and why but I sure can say that good people are not as happy as they ought to be and vice versa!
Solitude and me? I love it. To lunch by myself, spend time with myself, although with technology around me and not completely by myself. It's fun to do so....dunno why people find it strange, weird and out of the normal.

Solitude does not mean brooding, it can imply introspection or just enjoying one's space.