Thursday, June 7, 2012

High Tide, Low Tide, Time and Tide

A wave was he who came by and swept her off her feet, 
as she stood by the shore staring at the horizon.
She swayed along amid the tempestuous tides of life, 
falling here and rising there.

A wave was he who picked her up time and again,
from the trough, down below.

Rise and fall did she until he the wave cast her ashore,
lest she think this is for eternity.

She lay there dazed, wondering if ever she'd encounter another 
wave like thee!


AlphaTauri said...

Ah, the workings of a crush...

suhasini said...


Unknown said...

There'll always be waves, provided you're at the right shore.

Anonymous said...

veryyy naiiiceee... we all wait for the waves to always come back dont we?? :)


Anonymous said...

Grab a surfboard and get in !!