Thursday, August 30, 2007

To Convert 'for' and 'in' Love?

True love is meant to be undconditional, with no restrictions, no expectations. It goes to the extent of not being possessive, jealous of the other and not controlling the other human. It's all about mutual respect, understanding, enjoying and loving the company and presence of the other. Right?

Then why does religion come in to play? Do we love the person for what s/he is? Is it not the soul that matters? Why do some people agree to convert and why do some others expect their so called future better-half to convert?

Why succumb to socitial pressure? Why not respect each other's religion and each other as individuals?

God is after all one(worshipped in different forms) for those who believe in the existence of the supreme-supernatural power. As for atheists it should not make a difference.

Will people ever change? Will the world ever change?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Crushed not as in pained, hurt, upset, dissapointed here but I am surprised to know that there were boys way back in school who had a crush on me!!!

Feels good, I know my ego does..considering who and when :P

I first come to know six years after school that a guy stalked me, from pillar to post, he knew the date on which I moved my residence, where I moved to and all the other possible details. He knew my bike number too - can you beat that (thanks to him I used the same trick years later when I stalked someone :-))? Guess what, this guy who was bonkers - turned out to be my friend's fiance and later husband. You can imagine what friction happened when I actually came to know about all of this, years later(6 to be precise) through my friend.

Used to get a lot of crank,blank n weird calls those days - wonder who it was ;-)

I now get to know 10years after school that this chocolate faced boy(actually not chocolate faced, he doesn't like it, consider's it derogatory), real cute and sweet friend of mine today was attracted to me. Not in my wildest of dreams would I have dreamt so.

He thinks I looked cute with my specatcles on, I thought I was plump n rolly polly but this guy calls me very pretty, attractive n a private person:-).

What would have happened if I knew of all of this back then, would I have been elated or would I have freaked out?

But alas, am I flattered or what today?! :-) [ I wonder how many more such revealtions I will come across as time goes by!;-)]

Saturday, August 25, 2007

How Does It Feel To Be Numb?

Ever wondered about how it would be to be thoughtless, desireless, aimless? All of human kind spend most of our lives
desiring something, working towards acquiring it(be it physical possession or otherwise),meeting ends, thinking about people, relations,
food, commodities, money and at times spiritual and mental plaesure.

How would it be to live with none of these things? How will it be to not get spiritual and not appreciate beauty and nature or criticize
anything and anyone around us?

Tried it? Wana try it?

Very difficult it seems but try living life with no wants and expectations, no criticisms, it'll seem much more simple and beautiful.

Feels great to feel numb?! [Fyi - This thought was re-kindled from]

Thursday, August 23, 2007

To Move On

Life is a path that leads to the unknown, that all of us tread. There are different phases in an individual's life - good and bad. I learnt to face the ups and downs and learn to take them in my stride. I realised as every phase will pass(it's only temporary and only change is constant)it is but natural to move on.

Not only is it natural but also vital to do so. It's a part of one's evolution. I moved from one class to another while in school, I moved from one job to another during the course of my career, I made new friends while I lost a few but I still moved on. Life did not stop. Like the saying goes " Time and tide wait for none", similarly neither does life wait for anyone.

To move on is undoubtedly hard but the fact remains that we have to and we do. Is it a relative term? I don't quite think so.

Moved on???

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Ocean, A Crush and Yours Truly

"Sitting by the shore on this moonlit night
Nothing comes to my mind but for you..."

I racked my brains but could not recall anymore than that off the first and probably last love letter that I wrote to my first biggest crush(sweet 16 I was back then). Wish I kept a copy for myself...can't believe I could get so creative.

Phew time flies and so has my memory!! :-(

To You My Friend!!!

Thy was a lonely bird whose flight was direction less
Until thou flew with me and taught the sense n purpose of direction
I kept treading the path unknown (Life) with no direction, no meaning and no passion
It is you who taught me what passion, life, interests meant and how much they mattered

Love I thought was about loving thyself and thus the other
Until you told me that jealousy and possessiveness are not the true facets of Love.
I lead a rigid life with rules, conditions and pre-set notions framed by society
Thank you for teaching me that - life is not meant to be bound by such norms
To break-free from the rigid run-of-the-mill thought process (like mine) is like fighting the tides that are always coming your way
To possess a clear, unbiased, unconditional thought process (like yours) is as serene and beautiful as nature can get

I am not a poet, I am not an artist
I am learning, I thank this friend
This friend who taught me to look at life so differently
In such a different perspective, that life turned all vibrant
Vibrant is this friend, the vibes I get when you are around
All around me, Bliss is all I can feel, Friend
Friend I dedicate this to you!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Outsourcing - A Curse or A Boon?

Are you a part of Outsourcing? Yes, am referring to 'Business Process Outsourcing'. Being a part of the services industry do you see yourself as blessed or cursed?

Outsourcing refers to the delegation of non-core operations from internal production to an external entity.

Outsourcing has provided ample job opportunities and revenue to the country and thus might be viewed as a boon/blessing.

Outsourcing helps an individual lose his/her ability to think out of the box. The grey cells get rusted, if I may say so. Thus, is it a curse?

Well to each one his own, I guess.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Romantic Quotes (by a friend - the most atrocious yet romantic)

u r in my heart, i would luv to hear anything u have to say to me princess

u r the reason why the world goes around me amore !!

u r the light at the end of the tunnel

u r the sweetness that sweetens the world

u give meaning to a meaning less existance

u sticking ur tongue at me is so sweet and entrancing

u r sweeter that the sweetest fruit god ever made !!!

u r beauty makes me wonder about ur true existance on earth: are you just a mirage to a romantic or are you an angel sent from heaven ?

ur beauty and sweet words have left me senseless and completely incapacitated.

yes my darling, i am your slave, your every word my command, ur ever wish my gospel.

and finally he says: I am as original as ur beauty is in this world !!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nasty Side Of A Woman

A woman can be an angel, a mother, strength and support to her, spouse friends and family. She can aim to destroy too.

How cunniving do some women get? Wot's the bloody kick they get out of doing so? Scheming - is an understatement. Manipulative, ployfull,negative - all the adjectives one can possibly think off.

Why and when do women do such things and to whom? The target-victim is most often another woman. A woman suffering from an inferiority complex that she refuses to accept be it cosmetic, beauty, brains or anythin else...she aims at destroying the other or atlest the relation of the other with certain people.

Believe me this vindictive woman can do so no matter how strong the bond-relation between the two individuals is. She gets a kick out of it and helps her soothe her complex.

Does this swine realise what she is upto? Will she ever be happy? I pray and hope she never will be....not one like her atleast. She is a shame to humanity and womanhood.

There exist umpteen such of em, the best bet isto ignore such pests. It ain't easy though.

Thanks to the blog, it is sure is not equivalent to slapping her left-right and centre but is helps atleast in venting out .05% of that anger.

Woman - when shall thou learn to improve???!!!