Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nasty Side Of A Woman

A woman can be an angel, a mother, strength and support to her, spouse friends and family. She can aim to destroy too.

How cunniving do some women get? Wot's the bloody kick they get out of doing so? Scheming - is an understatement. Manipulative, ployfull,negative - all the adjectives one can possibly think off.

Why and when do women do such things and to whom? The target-victim is most often another woman. A woman suffering from an inferiority complex that she refuses to accept be it cosmetic, beauty, brains or anythin else...she aims at destroying the other or atlest the relation of the other with certain people.

Believe me this vindictive woman can do so no matter how strong the bond-relation between the two individuals is. She gets a kick out of it and helps her soothe her complex.

Does this swine realise what she is upto? Will she ever be happy? I pray and hope she never will be....not one like her atleast. She is a shame to humanity and womanhood.

There exist umpteen such of em, the best bet isto ignore such pests. It ain't easy though.

Thanks to the blog, it is sure is not equivalent to slapping her left-right and centre but is helps atleast in venting out .05% of that anger.

Woman - when shall thou learn to improve???!!!


Anonymous said...
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Heidi Kris said...

I somehow strongly agree with you. Wud discuss more abt this over chat!

Amritha said...

yupp..women sure can be bitches!!!!