Tuesday, August 21, 2007

To You My Friend!!!

Thy was a lonely bird whose flight was direction less
Until thou flew with me and taught the sense n purpose of direction
I kept treading the path unknown (Life) with no direction, no meaning and no passion
It is you who taught me what passion, life, interests meant and how much they mattered

Love I thought was about loving thyself and thus the other
Until you told me that jealousy and possessiveness are not the true facets of Love.
I lead a rigid life with rules, conditions and pre-set notions framed by society
Thank you for teaching me that - life is not meant to be bound by such norms
To break-free from the rigid run-of-the-mill thought process (like mine) is like fighting the tides that are always coming your way
To possess a clear, unbiased, unconditional thought process (like yours) is as serene and beautiful as nature can get

I am not a poet, I am not an artist
I am learning, I thank this friend
This friend who taught me to look at life so differently
In such a different perspective, that life turned all vibrant
Vibrant is this friend, the vibes I get when you are around
All around me, Bliss is all I can feel, Friend
Friend I dedicate this to you!!!


Trauma Queen said...
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popsie said...
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Madhu said...
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Smn said...

:) reminds me o smthn someone had once said, that frnds are those angels who lift u up when your wings find it hard to remember how to fly :)