Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Crushed not as in pained, hurt, upset, dissapointed here but I am surprised to know that there were boys way back in school who had a crush on me!!!

Feels good, I know my ego does..considering who and when :P

I first come to know six years after school that a guy stalked me, from pillar to post, he knew the date on which I moved my residence, where I moved to and all the other possible details. He knew my bike number too - can you beat that (thanks to him I used the same trick years later when I stalked someone :-))? Guess what, this guy who was bonkers - turned out to be my friend's fiance and later husband. You can imagine what friction happened when I actually came to know about all of this, years later(6 to be precise) through my friend.

Used to get a lot of crank,blank n weird calls those days - wonder who it was ;-)

I now get to know 10years after school that this chocolate faced boy(actually not chocolate faced, he doesn't like it, consider's it derogatory), real cute and sweet friend of mine today was attracted to me. Not in my wildest of dreams would I have dreamt so.

He thinks I looked cute with my specatcles on, I thought I was plump n rolly polly but this guy calls me very pretty, attractive n a private person:-).

What would have happened if I knew of all of this back then, would I have been elated or would I have freaked out?

But alas, am I flattered or what today?! :-) [ I wonder how many more such revealtions I will come across as time goes by!;-)]


Prajakt said...

Crushed !!!

I particularly liked this blog!!

Its funny that you mentioned unknown/secret crushes n all, and makes me wonder how many secret crushes are out there .....

they say there is a special person for everyone out there ..... wouldn't it be easier to find that 1 person, if we didn't keep our crushes a secret ??? somrthing to think about, eh ?

popsie said...

Yep I totally second that:). If only the choc face told me so ages ago may be the situation would have been way different today;-),eh?

Anonymous said...

you are lucky i say!!! crushes are total fun... i dont think anyone ever had any sort of crush on me...but yeah, i have had loads!!! and believe me it's so funny when i turn back to look at those days..

Sphagetti said...

....and coming from the same school, it makes wonder who this individual is! But I agree in retrospect, this definitely makes you feel warm and comforted, but how do you think you might have reacted then? Anger, hatred, frustration, irritation? I know folks from "iskool" who felt this way at that point in time only because it was something they werent expecting!!! But all said, it definitely must feel nice that someone from school had this "pehla nasha" for you.

Trauma Queen said...

nice feeling no>??

darn it..i was also planning to write a blogpost with a similar title...you copied me thoughts..grrrrrrr

i think its nicer and fuzzier when u get to know later..i mean we are all very awkward in school...have strict parents n all..and if u would have known...im sure it would have eventually fizzled out. right now its nice..cos its nice :) innit???

popsie said...

Nice to read sooooooo many comments on my post:). Songi Somesh, is that you?:P....Songi n you, no way...hehehe Sphagetti - keep wondering, I am not letting that out. You surprised that I was someone's 'Pehla Nasha'? Well supposedly, that was the case:).Yep Moushmi, I had my share too but it's fun to know years later and I have no clue how I would have reacted back then. Trauma Queen, talking of strict parents back in school, what about now?hehehe :P, neverthless way better....jus kiddin.

Heidi Kris said...

lol.. yep it definitely makes us feel nice when we learn that someone had a crush on us.. and ditto moushmi.. i doubt if someone had any crush on me.. but yeah i did.. esply at the tallest guy in my class!! He is a good friend of mine now.. but looking back at those old days makes me feel like i was crazy!

and sorry babes.. was tied up with work all these days.. and the pic on the post looks great!

shwetha said...

I really like this blog of yours.. very true in most ways (to me). and to share my bit - when i got to know of similar crushes and compliments i was a li'll ticked off for the LATE revelation but to think of it.. i now can use it as a mood booster ;) and bring that smile and old fond memories all sweet and pretty

Castelleno ~~ said...

hey thats funny and nice!! im sure when u find such things in life.. it makes u laugh!! good one.. :-)