Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wg.Cdr.Srinivasa Kannan - The Irreplacable Man in My Life

The man to whom I owe my very existence,
has transitioned from the physical;
This too shall NEVER pass;
The void can NEVER EVER be filled;
My Biggest Hero Ever; My Omar Sharif;
My Soldier; My Fighter;
My Air Warrior; My Role Model;
My Guide; My Inspiration (to life);
I'm ever indebted and grateful for all that you had taught me;
And all the strength that you transferred to me as you passed;
My love, pride and respect for you, is eternal.
Your call sign ("Lord"), was more than appropriate to your personality;
while you were a true soldier who fought and WON EVERY battle, to it's logical end.
It will remain my PERMANENT desire that you ALWAYS be the reason for my creation,
in whatever life form, if ever, when ever and where ever.

Pa - I love you and miss you like crazy, and I know you are resting in peace as you look at me from up there and smile.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Source Energy (Aathma) as You and Me

The universe is as beautiful as the creatures that entail it. We the creatures - a physical extension of source (aathma), love each other as source.

Life in this physical form is unpredictable, and while I am unaware as to when I will transition in to source, I wana tell you that neither you or I are bad, it is the environment, and our thoughts, that drive our feelings and thus our actions. While staying away, may be the path of least resistance, for both of us, I must say, I have no regrets, complaints, grudge or ill-feeling towards thou.

Life is too short and not worth being miserable, manipulative, revengeful or venomous.  To love and embrace all, is my conscious, constant and continuous endeavor!