Monday, November 19, 2007


I feel like the boat sailing away with the sea breeze hitting against me.

I feel like the sail fighting the storm not letting myself topple.

The company of the boat beside me feels like you are beside me
giving me all the strength to move forward!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Face - A Reflection of the mind

Tierd of fighting against the odds of life
She looks old, haggered and lifeless

Unhappy as can be at her workplace
Seeing no progress on the personal front
It all reflects on her face.

Lucky n blessed is she with a supportive family n prospective partner
Yet constrained by society n it's laws
Her face gives it all away

Lazy, pampered and a casual attitude as ever
No physical exercise and regular routine
Her face n amorphous shape says it all

The fear that she will lose the one she loves the most
Shatters her from within n her face thus reflects her mind

Effort, faith n belief is all she is left with
Hoping that her patience will eventually pay off
Before it is too late!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I love to blog about anything and everything under the sun, however weird, sensible, sensitive, creative, idiotic, meaningless, philosphical, technical it may be.

I haven't been able to blog in a while (though not very long, but as per my standards and frequency, it sure has been a while). I either think of issues that I need to do some homework on before I blog to support my statements for which I don't find time, or I think of something I wana blog about and it later slips my mind. I scratch my head but just can't recall:(. Guess I should create a blog post on the list of stuff I wana blog about - how jobless could I get?

I wonder why I invariably like to and end up blogging while at work rather than when am home and free. Guess the excitement, thrill n kick in doing something you are not expected to at a certain time is what makes the difference;). To break the rules n get away - feels awesome, doesn't it?!

I think my obsession for blogging is slowly fading. Neverthless, I will continue to do so. Hey Trauma Queen, I guess I owe this to you. You got me to start bloging:).

I'll stop now and will get back later to continue bloging all the way!!!