Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Face - A Reflection of the mind

Tierd of fighting against the odds of life
She looks old, haggered and lifeless

Unhappy as can be at her workplace
Seeing no progress on the personal front
It all reflects on her face.

Lucky n blessed is she with a supportive family n prospective partner
Yet constrained by society n it's laws
Her face gives it all away

Lazy, pampered and a casual attitude as ever
No physical exercise and regular routine
Her face n amorphous shape says it all

The fear that she will lose the one she loves the most
Shatters her from within n her face thus reflects her mind

Effort, faith n belief is all she is left with
Hoping that her patience will eventually pay off
Before it is too late!


fitnessfreak said...

expresses the true pain of a person. very nicely worded and written.

Me the unique one said...

Yeah Las, that reminds me of some of our regular topics when I was there!! U r doing well day by day and I am sure u will do only better.:)