Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I love to blog about anything and everything under the sun, however weird, sensible, sensitive, creative, idiotic, meaningless, philosphical, technical it may be.

I haven't been able to blog in a while (though not very long, but as per my standards and frequency, it sure has been a while). I either think of issues that I need to do some homework on before I blog to support my statements for which I don't find time, or I think of something I wana blog about and it later slips my mind. I scratch my head but just can't recall:(. Guess I should create a blog post on the list of stuff I wana blog about - how jobless could I get?

I wonder why I invariably like to and end up blogging while at work rather than when am home and free. Guess the excitement, thrill n kick in doing something you are not expected to at a certain time is what makes the difference;). To break the rules n get away - feels awesome, doesn't it?!

I think my obsession for blogging is slowly fading. Neverthless, I will continue to do so. Hey Trauma Queen, I guess I owe this to you. You got me to start bloging:).

I'll stop now and will get back later to continue bloging all the way!!!


Trauma Queen said...

u know wots weird

ever since i changed jobs - i not only have the time to blog - but the inspiration too! i mean i had started my blog with the purpose of churning out witty witticisms, funny spoofs - n the kinda stuff im good at - but after a point i turned into a cribbacious lee - n well - i think its better to mull over the seriouser stuff (the highly personal stuff especially) -than blindly put it up on such a public platform

so nothihg lost if u do write - or if u dont write

Paras said...

i guess ur write.. even i like blogging when i am at wrok

Anonymous said...
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Peridot said...

I blog at work with a passion...I hear ya sista

Anonymous said...

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