Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fauji - My All Time Favorite Television Series

Yes, "Fauji" is my all time favorite television series. Thanks to Youtube(and my sis who told me to check it out there), did I get to catch up on the 13th, last and final episode that I missed that was aired on T.V years ago, as I was on my way to Hyderabad. Like my sis said the 'magic lasts till today'.

Can any ardent fan and follower of this T.V series forget Abhimanyu Rai(not to forget this was what gave ShahRukh Khan a jump start to his career) and Buddy Varun('I Say Chaps')? I wish there is a repeat telecast. I just loved them!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Freedom - Independence and Republic Day

Ever pondered on this?

Why is it that only as Independence/Republic Day is approaching, do most of us:

  • Start spamming each other's inboxes with forwards about Azaadi, Hamaara Bharath Mahan, etc?

  • Buy and pin flags to ourselves?

  • Wear clothes that contain the tri-color(Is that not disrespect to wrap the flag around)?

  • Telecast and watch so to speak Patriotic movies and Jai Jawan?

  • Recite the National Anthem(while we don't stand in attention and respect the anthem)?

The list is endless. It seems more like a forced ritual than something that comes from within. Why don't we otherwise think of the soldiers who pledge their life for the nation? Why does the government award them much lesser than software geeks when it comes to monetary benefits. There is no comparison to there services. Why does not the Indian government make it mandatory for every boy and girl to serve the nation for a minimum period of at least two years?

I believe there is no profession that can match the Forces(with all due to respect to them), be it Pride or Dignity.I understand, empathize and have great regard, as I come from a Defence family and always, wanted to join the Forces. Call it Fate, Destiny or Luck was not with me. :-(

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Irony of a Career in the Pvt. Sector

This is not just an affected, irritated, experienced and annoyed me writing this post but I am more than sure that there are umpteen folks out there who will nod their heads in agreement to my views.

It's bloody frustrating, as long as you are in the system you can't say a thing neither about your boss, manager, HR(Human Resources) guys, for fear of being screwed(be it getting fired or performance or whatever crap) and then you tell yourself that whenever you leave you will slash back at each and everyone of them. And finally, when you bloody leave you can't say a thing because you want the reliving letter, you want the final settlement to come through peacefully and worst of all your next employer will contact your previous employer/manager for reference. The system sucks!

It's not that I am just hot headed and a chicken. When it comes to my professional life I sure am not a chicken. I vow that I will give it back every single time(and have done so on several occasions if not all), there is no point cribbing to friends and family and putting up with shit.

Thanks to ma blog - I manage to vent for the temporary present!