Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Irony of a Career in the Pvt. Sector

This is not just an affected, irritated, experienced and annoyed me writing this post but I am more than sure that there are umpteen folks out there who will nod their heads in agreement to my views.

It's bloody frustrating, as long as you are in the system you can't say a thing neither about your boss, manager, HR(Human Resources) guys, for fear of being screwed(be it getting fired or performance or whatever crap) and then you tell yourself that whenever you leave you will slash back at each and everyone of them. And finally, when you bloody leave you can't say a thing because you want the reliving letter, you want the final settlement to come through peacefully and worst of all your next employer will contact your previous employer/manager for reference. The system sucks!

It's not that I am just hot headed and a chicken. When it comes to my professional life I sure am not a chicken. I vow that I will give it back every single time(and have done so on several occasions if not all), there is no point cribbing to friends and family and putting up with shit.

Thanks to ma blog - I manage to vent for the temporary present!


Paras said...

hey .. you are so true!! i agree to each and every statement

ąŝħĭŝħ said...

fully fully agreed yaar... how much i thought that i wud definitely thrash my hcl manager after i leave... but now.. alreay 5 months out of hcl.. i havent done a thing.. rather have added her in linked in :P

so sad... why cant we all be rang de basanti types :P

Paromita said...

U r rightoo!! I have thot so many times to screw my first TL in Accenture but I could not do anything against her. Perhaps I can never do so.
The system should change. Why can't we and our resume speak everything?? Why the hell we need the reference of our previous employer?? Suckss!!!

ąŝħĭŝħ said...

i dont agree here... both with lasika and paromita... coz the new employer asks u for references.. they dont call just anybody directly.. u give the numbers of others and not your boss if the equation is not friendly.. atleast i have not faced this particular problem ever.

ąŝħĭŝħ said...

and also.. if u have credentials like best performance awards or recognitions etc... or those uno awards etc.. then they do speak well on ur resume.. if u got a best performer award, your boss can never say anything against that.. isnt it?

popsie said...

@Ashish - You are mistaken. In some dumb organizations they do ask for the co-ordinates of your previous manager in particular.

ąŝħĭŝħ said...

but if u say that your previous manager is one of the reasons for your job change... then i dont think such a reference check will apply. and again.. as i said.. if you have awards and other recognitions in your resume.. it is immaterial what ur manager says.

Aradrowser said...

The list I gave u will fit in perfectly as a successor to this post...

popsie said...

@aradrowser - Absolutely,thanks!:)Am listing them, here:

1/ He can’t talk English
2/ He can’t construct one full proper sentence in English
3/ He makes me read his emails before sending it out to the client
4/ He wants me to accompany him when he goes for a coffee break – this is most annoying
5/ He asks for updates on work that hasn’t even been allocated to me and sends emails marking the whole world asking for updates on such projects
6/ He is 29 yrs old and has a two year old son and still sits and bloody stares at younger women at work and at times passes lewd comments
7/ He does not allow me to make my point especially in meetings
8/ When he sends emails to his bosses on work done by me he poses as if he did that work
9/ In client meetings he wants me to take notes and send MoM
10/ He wants to read through all the emails I send to my clients and reportees
11/ To sum up in simple words – he is an incompetent ball of crap
12/This probably is the worst – he wants to screw ppl who don’t fall in his line and recites a list to me every morning…of all the ppl he has a grudge against.

hrish thota said...

enjoyed reading the comments by all! :-) I can so relate to this right now!