Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Stomachless - What does this mean? I ain't have a great stomach? Frequent stomach upset issues, a poor eater/bad apetite, can't stomach things?

Well, I think it's predominantly the latter followed by the second(poor eater):-(. I sure can't keep secrets about the self and small, not so important stuff about others(between friends). I am so unlike a true Scorpion, when it comes to keeping secrets. Does that mean you can't trust/confide in me? Naaaa...definitely not, though it would be better off when others say so. If it's a serious issue, you can stay rest assured that my lips are sealed and that your secret will die with me.

Like some idiots crib, complain, paint their faces and hog all the time, I yap away to glory, most often than not(that's the problem, or do I say culprit)? :P Well, I admit so and am working on the issue, but what the hell it's between close buddies(common friends, needless to say)!


ds said...

idiot.jobless of the first order.

shashank said...

Well the thing is as you grow up, you dont tend to get excited over small things and rush to tell everyone in town...Its not about not being able to keep secrets. Therefore the point is whether you have grown up or not. Ha ha ha ha

Hrish Thota said...

good one shank! ;)

but I miss old chit chat queen! :( her new avatar aint gud.

Chitty Cat said...

im telling u da

u need to realise ur an osho fan - the way i realised im a himesh fan

all ur problems will vanish (rang nahin jaayega par daag zaroor jayega)

jai trauma :P

Chitty Cat said...

and since im flogging a dead horse and pissing the hell outta you (hee hee) - might i also start 'cheapening' ur blog with
i-pill trauma - remember THAT dead horse ;)