Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Compassion for Animals

I am a Dog lover and thus realised it's high time I get back to helping the strays in whatever way I can. I used to assist my sister in helping the strays and taking care of em. My expereince so far tells me that 'mongrels' are way more intelligent and smart in comparison to good breeds. This I can't vouch for though, as it is only a personal observation.

CUPA - Compassion Unlimited Plus Action an NGO founded by Crystal Rogers for animals in October, 1991. Since it's inception CUPA has grown to be the largest and most active animal welfare organization in Bangalore.

Activities of CUPA

Large animal program
Animal Birth Control
Awareness Building

Foster parent an animal, provide newspapers, old clothes, etc and donate to CUPA.

The work done by CUPA is commendable. I would love to work as a volunteer with them and hence I've volunteered. Hope it comes through:-)...Finally somethin great to look forward to.

My All Time Favorite Sport and Players

It's time for the next grandslam - Wimbledon, once again. My all time favorite sport that I would have loved to learn but somehow never happened. To be honest I used to follow the sport religiously until my favorites(McenRoe, Navratilova, Chris Evert, Becker, Sampras, Steffi and many others) retired from the sport. That's when I wondered was it the sport or the sportsmen/women who interested me???

Who is it gonna be this time? The current rankings are as below:

ATP Tour
1. R. Federer
2. R. Nadal
3. A. Roddick
4. N. Davydenko
5. N. Djokovic
6. F. Gonzalez
7. T. Robredo
8. A. Murray
9. J. Blake
10. T. Haas

WTA Tour
1. J. Henin
2. M. Sharapova
3. J. Jankovic
4. A. Mauresmo
5. S. Kuznetsova
6. A. Ivanovic
7. S. Williams
8. A. Chakvetadze
9. M. Hingis
10.D. Hantuchova

My All Time Favorites

Stiff competition between Federer and Nadal amongst the men and Serena seems to stand a good chance too.
I pray and hope I get to watch one of the Grandslams live in this birth of mine.:)Let's wait and watch.....