Tuesday, February 27, 2007



People believe that 'the glass is either half full or is half empty'. The former are optimists and the latter pessimists.

Who looks at life as mentioned below: An Optimist or a pessimist?

L: Leap

I: Incredible
F: Fabulous
E: Eminent

L: Lapse
I: Inability
F: Fumble
E: Extinct

Is it always black and white?

Attitude - What are the sorts?
Those who are full of themselves(for a reason or otherwise) or those who portray attitude through body language?

Does an optimist think the way he/she does cos he believes in positive thinking or is it just the individuals style? The psyche of an individual is affected by the attitude he/she possess.

I guess that's why they say IT 'S ALL IN THE MIND!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Relationships - are they complex or what?

Why are relationships so complex?Or do we make em so?Not just for the two individuals involved but for people surrounding them....

Humans are the most complex animals...Humans are the most selfish animals.....They vary in size and types....Some shrewd n some smart...some innocent n sweet...

The old belief goes this way that:
OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!!This seems to be rather true, whether it be with respect to looks,character,nature...the list can go on...

Why do certain kind of syndromes or complexes exist within
individuals that make them behave in a certain manner?

Some of us are dumb while others are extra shrewd?why don't the dumb and innocent recognise the shrewd n cunning sorts?why is it so delicate for the best of friends to share with each other frankly what they think about the friend's partner?

Is diplomacy so important???? I don't understand......

Why is the relation between two friends(be it a
gurl & a guy or two people of the same sex) so delicate when it comes to expressing their opinion about the third person involved in one of their lives? It's after all a genuine concern........

Why is the human race so complicated? Why aren't people able to see the true side of the other? Do we over react or exaggerate? Are we wrong at judging others?Is it right to judge another
individual? It's natural to do so, though.

Why do people want to play it safe all the time? Why are some people (more often than not women)
conniving? What is the thrill that people get on taking others for a ride and playing with their emotions? Yes, variety is the spice of life.....but not at the expense of another human - after all!!!

The list of questions are endless...and I am seeking answers for all of them....will I ever find them is what I hope and wonder.......