Tuesday, February 27, 2007



People believe that 'the glass is either half full or is half empty'. The former are optimists and the latter pessimists.

Who looks at life as mentioned below: An Optimist or a pessimist?

L: Leap

I: Incredible
F: Fabulous
E: Eminent

L: Lapse
I: Inability
F: Fumble
E: Extinct

Is it always black and white?

Attitude - What are the sorts?
Those who are full of themselves(for a reason or otherwise) or those who portray attitude through body language?

Does an optimist think the way he/she does cos he believes in positive thinking or is it just the individuals style? The psyche of an individual is affected by the attitude he/she possess.

I guess that's why they say IT 'S ALL IN THE MIND!!!


Hrish said...

Its not always black and white. I like to be in the gray of things. Gives me lot of flexibility! ;-)

vedant said...

As they say " Khali dimag shaitan ka" . All this is coming from a totally jobless person.