Thursday, March 8, 2007

Non-vegetarianism – Individual choice and cruelty to animals!!!

Survival of mankind – does it equate to ‘pet (stomach) pooja’?! All of us ‘live to eat’ or ‘eat to live’??? Why are us human’s sooooooooo insensitive? Do we need to kill another life to survive? Making your stomach a graveyard – does that feel good?

Well the counter question a non-vegetarian tends to pose – ‘Is it fine to kill plants?, Are they not living beings?’ Well the accepted argument is that ‘plants don't have a central nervous system like animals do, therefore no pain is felt’. There are different angles to this perspective too.

Not just cruelty to animals but do non-vegetarians realize that they are harming their health in the process? As per a study -
Intelligent children are more likely to become vegetarians later in life and vegetarianism has been linked to heart health.

Issues like: ‘Are veggie women four times better protected from breast-cancer than non-veggie counterparts?’ were addressed in the
Veg Food Expo that happened at Chennai this January.

It undoubtedly is an individual choice that has been debated on for generations and will continue…. but are we so heartless? Think about the environment, other living beings, try being empathetic and then take a call – fair enough??!!


Hrish said...

At the last count, I have eaten 10 animals - chicken, lamb, goat, fish, crab, prawns, mussels, squid, beef and pork. So yeah I guess its a matter of choice which of the above you want to eat. :))

Prajakt said...

GRRRR i am a NON-Vegetarian ...... you fauna-flora murderer ..........

and abt Central Nervous System (CNS) thingy ..... by those standards Euthanasia is acceptable cause their CNS are not exactly functioning .....

And have WE (Human Race) become so highly advanced, and become so SELF SUPERIOR, that WE decide if something doesnt have a CNS, it cant FEEL pain ?!?!? A SOMETHING MUST HAVE A CNS FOR US TO SPARE THEIR LIFE ???

Something to think about huh ??