Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dreams Unlimited!!!

Dreams – is it just a six letter word, mysterious, fascinating or a reflection in to the future – ever thought about this? Dreams can be interpreted, they say.

What are dreams? The Webster’s dictionary defines a dream as a:
“Sequence of sensations, images, thoughts, etc., passing through a sleeping person's mind"

Dreams are unique and relate to your personal life and experiences. Dreams apparently unify the body, mind and spirit. The world of dreams is quite unbelievable and fascinating. The kinds of dreams are multiple, they range from daydream, lucid,nightmares,chase, theory/exam, flying, etc. Every human dreams, some of us remember them and some of us don’t. Dreams vary in theme, duration, symbols and even interpretation.

Freud believed and said that every thought and action of a human is motivated by our conscious. Adler thought it is important to learn from our dreams and incorporate them in our waking life. Adler differed from Freud on the note that dreams are ruled by the unconscious mind. He thought that the strive for perfection and need for control is what causes us to do the things we do. Adler did not believe that the conscious and unconscious functioned against each other.

Well different theorists had different perspectives and belonged to different schools of thought!!!

Check the Dream dictionary out.

Dreams are not just by themselves interesting, fascinating, entertaining and satisfying but learning and reading about them is all the more amazing.

Don’t you think so?! At least I do.


Gopika said...

Absolutely! One theory states that dreams are part of the archiving process in the human brain - they tell us a lot about ourselves and our thoughts.

Heidi Kris said...

Fact! and most of our dreams reflect our thoughts that we had jus before we go to sleep..