Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Ocean, A Crush and Yours Truly

"Sitting by the shore on this moonlit night
Nothing comes to my mind but for you..."

I racked my brains but could not recall anymore than that off the first and probably last love letter that I wrote to my first biggest crush(sweet 16 I was back then). Wish I kept a copy for myself...can't believe I could get so creative.

Phew time flies and so has my memory!! :-(


Amritha said...

hehehe..cute post..i remember the 1st time i wrote a letter to my crush..well actually he was my boyfriend at the time..and we were in school in 11th std...those were the days when there was no mobile..and it was that much more romantic :)

Me the unique one said...

Hey cute one yaar!! Tu fir se likhna shuru kar...