Saturday, August 25, 2007

How Does It Feel To Be Numb?

Ever wondered about how it would be to be thoughtless, desireless, aimless? All of human kind spend most of our lives
desiring something, working towards acquiring it(be it physical possession or otherwise),meeting ends, thinking about people, relations,
food, commodities, money and at times spiritual and mental plaesure.

How would it be to live with none of these things? How will it be to not get spiritual and not appreciate beauty and nature or criticize
anything and anyone around us?

Tried it? Wana try it?

Very difficult it seems but try living life with no wants and expectations, no criticisms, it'll seem much more simple and beautiful.

Feels great to feel numb?! [Fyi - This thought was re-kindled from]


Heidi Kris said...

we would feel hollow if we tried that. Can you close your eyes and just imagine a plain white screen without any other single distraction, then you can possibly feel numb!

Trauma Queen said...

hmmm..very similar to sumthing ashish n i once talked about....excpet he insisted that a life without expectations is impossible..does that make u numb? i dont think so...

oh n if u dont like to hang out with acquaintances and cols..why the hell am i forced to visit ur blog every now n then :P