Thursday, August 23, 2007

To Move On

Life is a path that leads to the unknown, that all of us tread. There are different phases in an individual's life - good and bad. I learnt to face the ups and downs and learn to take them in my stride. I realised as every phase will pass(it's only temporary and only change is constant)it is but natural to move on.

Not only is it natural but also vital to do so. It's a part of one's evolution. I moved from one class to another while in school, I moved from one job to another during the course of my career, I made new friends while I lost a few but I still moved on. Life did not stop. Like the saying goes " Time and tide wait for none", similarly neither does life wait for anyone.

To move on is undoubtedly hard but the fact remains that we have to and we do. Is it a relative term? I don't quite think so.

Moved on???


Heidi Kris said...

same pinch.. you jus stole my words.. i had a similar thought and put it in a different form, but yeah the language and sign might differ, but the content was same.

something similar to "niram maralaam, mozhi maaralam, desam ondrudhan porul ondrudhan" from tamizha tamizha song!

Trauma Queen said...

reminds me of sum stufff (really intense stuff) i wrote when i wanted to move on..but alas..i think moving on takes looooooots of guts :( succumbing and brainwashing ourselves is so mcuh easier :(

check this out:

a blog i had kept for intense stuff only...then it got too intense for me to handle :P