Friday, February 6, 2009

Public Display of Respect

In a land like ours(India), respecting your elders, goes without saying. It is grilled into us from childhood but how important is it to display the same?

Is it true that you value your elders only if you address them with phrases such as "bhaiya/anna","didi/akka", suffixed to their names or by falling at their feet every time you meet them? I am not saying that one MUST NOT do such stuff. Infact I have observed over time that most(not all) elders find a certain pleasure when you ask for their blessings and fall at their feet(I don't lose anything by giving them that happiness and so I do so, when required i.e. on occassions). Yet, I feel that respect is something one must feel from within towards the other irrespective of age, relationship and displaying respect is NOT MANDATORY. In other words, if you don't fall at your elder's feet or address them in a certain manner it does not mean that you DISRESPECT them or that you are ILL MANNERED(some people strongly think otherwise).

I think the same applies to PDA!

Follow your heart and do what you believe in. Simply suit yourself!

Non-related Stuff: I finally visited the Race Course and it was a beautiful sight to see those majestic, handsome horses run the last lap in reality as against watching the same on the idiot box. But for the bad crowd and sadly maintained Turf Club, I'd sure love to visit the place more often!


Karthik said...


i go with your thoughts. i believe that elders are called "elders" only because they were born before us, so they got an opportunity to see mor than us. but in this dynamic environment, we are elders to them, in terms of information we deal with.

i think we respect them, because we love them. there si nothing more than that!

Mad said...

ok... valid point...

But let me ask you something. Some kid of say 12 or 13, comes and talk to you calling just your name. or does not behave in the so called "respectfully" manner, would u wont notice or judge the kid in a negetive way?

Remember you will also be one of the "elders" some day. Just think from that point.

Trauma Queen said...

most interesting! well yeah i take many liberties with many senior people in my office - call them old, uncle, boring, etc tec (its a miracle i have'nt lost my job) - ut yeah i can afford to cos they're good sports and know that end of the day - i respect them and their age.

ąŝħĭŝħ said...

i think PDA is unnecessary, but DA is important... very important sometimes.

i am not an expert at all this but I strongly feel that just having a certain feeling for someone is not enough. You need to display it too from time to time. Like we saw in that movie Taare Zameen Par. All parents love their children but that display, that hug, that assurance is necessary. And as our parents grow old, actually they become our children and we become their parents... that time it is them who need the same assurance from us. Also, same goes for relationship with your partner. A timely display only strenthens the bond and does no unnecessary harm.

ąŝħĭŝħ said...

ok I think PDA / PDR / PDL / PDF etc. ;) are all the same thing.

popsie said...

@Karthik: Agreed!

@Mad: I won't have a problem to be addressed by name. I'd prefer that any day to being addressed as "onty".

@Trauma Queen: Good for you! :)

@Ashish: Can't agree more!

Trauma Queen said...

pdf/pdl/etc - hee hee. no wonder I love my bhaiyya sooo much :))