Monday, February 16, 2009

Culture or Chauvanism?

What is the Ram Sena upto? What Indian culture are they refering to? Do they even realise what "culture" means? No individual has the right to intervene in another individual's life. How one dresses, socialises, etc is not any other individual or groups business. As long as the legal framework is adhered to, who is the Ram Sena to tell any life bearing body in this country what to do or what not to do? Whether one apes the west or not, is one's personal prerogative.

It is sad and unfortunate to see such anti-social elements and their acts in this land of Khajuraho and KamaSutra. These are merely a group of ill-informed(half-baked knowledge) people who stoop to any extent for mere poltical gain. To remain in power, you use the public? How sad is the state of this democracy?

I like the approach(ahimsa) that the Pink Chaddi campaign adopted to. :)

Lil does the Ram Sena realize that there are youngsters out there who took advantage of their announcement about getting couples seen in public on Valentine's day married off. Who knows, how very mature, sure were these individuals about their decision or themselves? What right, authority did the Ram Sena have to decide their future?

Gandhiji sure must be turning in his grave.


Anonymous said...

All these ppl are nothing but rowdies looking for cheap publicity.

They should be arrested and paraded wearing pink G strings lol

Trauma Queen said...

seriously - isnt it against hindu culture to manhandle girls? how come these sene assholes frget that?

i still think its all a plot they're hatching for vote banks. u never know- they may have sum liason with anti-bjp parties - weird as it sounds....