Monday, February 23, 2009

Borrow/Lend = Return/Not Return?

To Borrow or lend implies that the commodity is supposed to be returned, right? So when people borrow stuff, especially money(irrespective of the amount - big or small) why do they conviniently forget to return, more often than not?

As a principle I beleive in returning every pie I borrow, if at all I do ever happen to borrow. I try avoid such transactions, unless inevitable and hence expect the same incase I lend. I believe money can mar a relationship irrespective of how close you are with the other person. It's not about how much(I have had people telling me "it is such a small amount, why do you care?") but about the principle.

Nature only knows whether such people have a conscience!


Trauma Queen said...

mar, not marre
relationship, not relation

pah! u make the english teacher in me fume...

well i think just like u - when u 'borrow' it means u return...i love to remind ppl if they ahve not retruned sth....if it belongs to you, it better come back to you

err btw - do I owe u paisa???


popsie said...

Pah! Stop being that typical English teacher ya, anyway have rectified the errors, guruji....thanks owe me paisa? I don't remember. Do I owe you moolah?I thought 'Corner House' the other day was a treat. ;)

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