Saturday, October 6, 2007


How important is workplace ambience? Is it as important as the people, nature of work, brand, etc? I for sure find even the thought and idea very hard to accept.

Or is it a switch over from a brand that has the ambience to a small place? May be a shift the other way round would be better. Is it to be looked as a price to pay for a better career path and future?
Isn't travelling 3hrs a day not a price paid?

Loads of such questions, that remain unanswered.

Any thoughts?


G. Siva Shankar said...

It's all about the people you work with at the end of the day. You may not like the job you do, however you'll still love to go to work, just because you want to see the people you work with. People around you make your work and office more interesting. Well that's my 2 cents on this.

Raaga said...

I agree with Siva. The people you work with matter a great deal and can make you stick on even if job and money aren't great. And I think they make up the ambience too... its not just a physical thing, is it?

popsie said...

True it's about the people you work with, the money, nature-quality of work(job satisfaction-mental stimulation) n a lot more. The ambience also does play an important role, I guess.

True it's not easy to get the best of all, it's a pacakge of good n bad, the individual ultimately decides on what he/she is ready to compromise on.