Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dogs and Cats!!!

Are these animals cute and intelligent or what? I have heard of several stories on Animal Planet about how dogs help patients improve on various different health conditons. Dogs are loyal and cute. As they say DOGS are truly MAN'S BEST FRIEND!!! Cats are not just intelligent but very shrewd too.

They are apparently very unlike the other in their charecteristics - ABSOLUTE OPPOSITES!!!

Studying these most domesticated animals can be quite a pleasure and a great experience. Seeing them co-exist and live in harmony gives immense happiness to a dog/cat lover.

Read this: Cat becomes bus regular in Britain

How smart is that?

Look at them wrestle/play with each other!!!

Wonder how cats are different from dogs? View this video and you'll know :-)

Instead of domesticating these lovable creatures man wants to kill them just because of one odd incident. Figure out a way to deal with the problem of growing numbers of strays in a civilized manner, that is HUMAN. Killing them ruthlessly is not a SOLUTION. This is a cause for serious CONCERN!

Vaccinate them and if they need to be put to sleep do so only as a last resort and not by injecting chemicals and being inhuman.

Adopt them, love them and they will love you like no one else - atleast the dogs!!!

Bless the animals and may those who harm them die a death of misery!!!


Gopika said...

Lovely post...the videos capture the behavioral difference between cats and dogs perfectly.

Aradrowser said...

not a problem

i have been very active lately - held up with life generally

should get back soon - till then let me read yours

and i need a name to add you the list of blogs i read

Aradrowser said...

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