Sunday, April 8, 2007

Nostalgic Memories - The Then Chennai Hangout Spots!!!

I so miss the good old days and live life with the beautiful memories!!!(I hang on to those memories and refuse to let go) Boy!! Will those days ever come back? I'd love to re-live them.

Re-visitng the city(Chennai), I grew up in brought back memories of those precious moments I spent with my best pals - who no more are around in the city or the country. How much time we used to spend at the Beach(Elliots),the weirdest of excuse and we'd scoot on our new bikes to the beach. Walk up and down the ramp like crazy adolescents......guys giving gurls the looks and vice versa- site adikardhu as it is called.

Alsa Mall at Egmore(namma pettai),the then Mall at Madras - one of the first of it's kind. There was nothin to beat Spencer's though....Clubbing and pubbing at places like HFO,EC41, Zara and Bike n Barrel!!! - all chup chupke - was it fun or what!?

Fruit Shop,Gallopin Gooseberries, Foodcourt, Qwiky's, Barista, Cozee at Bessi(namma pettai again) and the list goes I missing some place?

Gone are those days....the spots have changed, the place is crowded and I have outgrown those crazy acts but I still do miss those times...and now the city looks a stranger to me - with not a soul I know.......but good Old Madras remains HOT with those wide roads...and that language(the colloquial) I loooooooooooove:-).

Nalla Madras,Namma Madras - Madras Namma Madras! :-)


Heidi Kris said...

felt like reading the song Madrasa suthi kaata poren, Marina (may be we can change it to Elliots) il sundal vaangi thaaren :-)

nice post :)

Aradrowser said...

spot on
i miss madras as well

Hrish said...

Very nostalgic.. specially in the childhood whenever I used to see Anna Flyover, I used to be awed by its grandeur and still love going over and under that flyover. :-) And of course cycling down to the beach in hot summer and spending my summer vacations there and hanging out at spencers and nilgiris.. aww those days were fun! :)

G. Siva Shankar said... the looks of ur post..I still have lots of places to visit in Chennai...thgt I had seen them all...