Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Godly Men & Women – Are they Real?

Ever wondered about the various religious/spiritual leaders(Baba’s, Guru’s, Mai’s and mother’s)? Well I am not gonna take names as this is a very sensitive and personal issue. Do we need a guru who shows and leads us through the holy path to godliness? Does God exist(that’s separate topic by itself, that I will not get into now)?

Meditation, Concentration, Focus, Spirituality, Saint-ism/hood are they all to be taught(agreed it is a personal choice)? Can’t one learn and attain them by oneself? No harm in learning them from a Guru, as one may not get to see a perspective on various issues of life by oneself. There again, is one not restraining oneself to the perspectives and ideas held by one’s guru, alone?

How many of these guruji’s and mataji’s(of different discipline’s and religions) today are genuine? Are these so called spiritual leaders saints in their daily lives? Are they honest to themselves? For some reason most of them appear fake to me.

Why is it necessary for them to attain a certain kind of avatar? Why must they wear a certain colored robe(orange, white usually), long beard(in case of men) and huge bindi’s with a weird hairstyle that is left lose(in case of women). Is it not just a form of livelihood for them at the EOD at the cost of the general public?

I continue to seek answers….


Anonymous said...

good question!

In your age, you should start explorig such topics!


keep guessing

nipun said...

a teacher is necessary to teach u to read.. a teacher is necesary to guide you to think, from the moment we are born till the time we die.. we are learning something everyday.. whether its our parents... our subject teachers... or the biggest teacher.. the TIME..!!! i guess its not bad to have a teacher.. just that he should make you solve a problem yourself... he can only guide you the real answers are within you...!!!

Just a thought, Just a thought!!

popsie said...

Mota - I know it's you!:-) What do you think be? Share your thoughts, too!

Nipun - Nice thought!:-) Very true we need a teacher to guide us, that helps make the process of understanding easier but why that stereotype look of the teacher? Am not convinced, still seems fake.

nipun said...

A teacher is not necessarily spiritual stereotype one... though its kind of our indian nature only that we treat the ... o great ones as gods... but on the contrary if u look closely ......u learn the greatest lessons in life, at the most unexpected times.. from even strangers.. even a street urchin can give u a great lesson of spirtuality in a flash.. u just have to keep ur eyes and ears open...!!

finding thyself said...

Stimulating question.
I personally feel the Guru is as good as his seeker. If the seeker is earnest he would find the right guru. But most seekers, seek a Guru for a material solution (i might be wrong here), hence they end up finding a fake one. If the quest is earnest and faith is steadfast even if it has to be blind at time, help comes in form of a Guru. A true guru is there for a while to show the path then the rest is up to the individual effort. India known in the ancient tongue as 'Puniyabhoomi' has produced numerous people of spiritual caliber who have not been after wealth, fame and money. They exist even today and will never cease to, and it is upto the seeker, when he is ready the master arrives. Walking the spiritual path is like walking in a razor's edge. It will cut. It's not easy to comprehend something intangible. For a start.... Have u seen gravity? Do u remember it every time, every second? you can't see it but you can only experience it because the scientist say gravity exists and we accept blindly. Similarly is the existence of GOD. You can't see Him, you can only experience Him if you believe in what your Guru says.

hope i haven't added to your confusion.

Anonymous said...

fiend the love JAH and you may fiend the truth(:

Anonymous said...

fiend d love JAH and you may fiend the truth (:

Anonymous said...

truth GODJAH(;


Betty said...

We do need spiritua guides at times. but then that doesn't mean you let go of your own senses. Most So-caled Spiritual gurus profess a religion of their own.
Perhaps you would like to check out about this spiritual leader who killed his followers and eventually killed himself..cant recall the name.