Thursday, May 1, 2008

Human Resources @ Corporates

What is your first reaction when you hear the word "Human Resources"?

Well well I have been meaning to write this post for a while now but a heated argument with someone I know has lead me to do so finally(THIS IS NOT INTENDED TOWARDS ANY INDIVIDUAL IN SPECIFIC).

For several unknown unfortunate reasons I personally have always had not so great experiences with people from the HR world at organizations that I have worked with so far. I always thought it is with that specific individual or that HR lot in that specific organization but NO that's not how it is. Experience and time tells me it's the same almost everywhere. I know it's not good to generalize, criticize, judge and comment on people. I am not perfect, no one is perfect but this is an observation and an opinion that I am entitled to express with a certain clan, leaving aside a few exceptions. I sincerely hope that I do come across those exceptions at the earliest.

This is not just me speaking but several of my colleagues, ex-colleagues, friend's etc are on the same page when it comes to this issue.

My best friend, cousin and a few other friends and acquaintances are in this field, with due respect to all of them and their professions I as an outsider to their family feel and believe so. In fact I did once ask my friend:
"Why do you HR guys have such attitude? In fact I have noticed most of you are not aware of your own subject, work and stuff and still have that attitude".

This is what she said in response:" It's the feeling of power, because we hire and fire"

I then told her:"It's not you who decides to hire and fire, you are only the medium used to hire and fire".

For whatever reasons we left it at that. I once had an issue with my HR rep during my exit process. She intimates me of the 'exit interview' through chat(MSN) and not through an email. Mind you this organization follows and has a procedure in place to even move a chair from one position to the other and because I asked her 'Why she did not formally intimate me?', she snapped at me. Boy! what attitude and why(I fail to understand)? Firstly you are at fault and instead of admitting it you get back at me? Yes, I agree we all make blunders but to be arrogant while you are at fault?

What can I say.....I only hope I come across the real nice HR types(and not the smooth talkers) soon.

Disclaimer: I have nothing personal with anyone from the world of HR, be it my friends, family, HR colleagues, etc and thus this post is not directed towards any particular individual.


eclipsed said...

Brilliant. You have hit the nail on the head. I too have friends in the same profession. They love living in world that a friend prefers to call 'fools paradise'. The demons of HR feel that they are the kings/queens of the world. And more often than not there are these an HR is a pretty lady whom people love to ogle at (only) but call them bitches as soon as their bottoms are out of sight and they are right in more cases than not... I hope an HR reads this post and maybe if I have enough enthu to curse another HR I will talk about a HR I know who feels that there is nothing about life other than professionalism.

Hrish Thota said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent post chit chat/copy cat queen. Very interesting. I have also had very bad experiences with HR. I think they are mostly lame and unqualified. They lack empathy which is one of the most important qualities that they should possess. They treat candidates as cattle or "resources" (as they say in the corporate world). Pain in the wrong place if you know what I mean! :P

you know who! :D

Srikrishna said...

Wait till your best friend sees this post. Avo unna pey ottiduvaa... lolz...