Friday, April 25, 2008

Is Man Meant to be Monogamous?

I observed that it's all around me, in the papers, online, discussions on television, everywhere....all that you get to here about these days is - the change in culture and hence a culture shock. Is it Western influence on India or is it about the natural side of humans that's coming out? Live-in relationships, polygamy, infidelity, etc?

Ever wondered why all other animals have several sexual partners/mates except humans? Is it natural to be monogamous? Looking back and giving it a serious thought - it doesn't seem to be the case. Being faithful and to have one partner for a lifetime, is what society has binded on us for convenience. An institution like marriage helps children grow in a secure environment and with a balanced mind. It's for financial and emotional security that man seems to have laid these rules.

It is but natural for a human(man or woman) to be attracted to more than one human in his/her lifetime? Why did the kings and queens or the men and women in the tribal era, have multiple partners? That was natural and humans being human like any other animal.

Thus with financial independence, liberalisation, freedom and rise of women power in a nation like ours, society is witnessing and will continue to witness a change(that seems like a rebel of sorts) in marriages and relationships. The statistics indicate a sudden and high rise in the number of divorces and single parents off late especially in urban areas.

Unfortunately the concept of fidelity and one man - one woman is so drilled into our heads that despite understanding reality it is NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE to accept the same in reality leave aside putting it in practice.

Has society(in the past) made life difficult for it's future generations(us and the generations to come) by setting such rules(it is invetible that the rules will be broken, it is only a matter of time)?


nipun said...

Fidelity... monogamy... :):) bade bade topic... waise i agree.. kabhi bhi kisi pe bhi senti ho sakta hai insaan... then monogamy is just bound by the society.. par marzi apni hai.. roka kisne hai ;)!!

eclipsed said...

I wouldn't agree that monogamy can be forced upon us by society, although it has been that way for eons. There are times in a person's (someone who prides himself for not being clouded by the way society thinks) life when you love someone too much to share it with anyone else. I feel that a physical encounter is an extension of an emotional relationship (at most times). If your emotions cannot be shared so is the bed.