Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shoe Fetish

I ran through my archived posts and was surprised to note that I have not written about my fetish for footwear. Not that it is of prime importance or interest to my readers but sure will suggest that this is a gift that I will most happily accept(in addition to many others like Perfumes, Chocolates, etc). :P

Mind you, I am rather finicky about my choice of footwear and hence a gift voucher will be the best bet. I really liked Terra Shield's blog template(though I think it is a lil loud) but since she already had it in place, I decided to opt for a different template.

I totally totally love to shop for footwear and though I don't possess too many(20pairs) yet, will look forward to acquiring more with time.

Yes, I am completely out of ideas to blog about and hence all these crazy pictures and posts on my first page. First time visitors rather look at archived posts.


Trauma Queen said...

only 20 pairs? not too many? ahem...

but yeah i myself had close to 16 pairs (mostly those sasta 100 rs ones) and got rid of some 5 pairs last month

Qn is - how much dyu spend on shoes? or whats the max limit for ur shoe budget? Do you only go in for looks or does comfort overule looks? of late im beginning to spend quite a bit on good footwear and am really cribby about the perfect fit and all. so no 20-20 situation - but 3-4 really durable ones.

these r the things you should write about u fool! or at least post pics of your 20 pairs :P

and poor terra - must u be so rude?

no wonder ur blog aint splendid - tsk tsk


popsie said...

@Trauma Queen: I know, but was too lazy to type all of that(types of shoes, budget, etc). I think style, looks and comfort matter. It can't be just one all the time. It really depends on the mood and occassion, thus I think it is important to hoard a variety of footwear! :P Comfort matters big time but so does style!

As for Terra's blog template, I was not being rude you fool. I actually loved it, expressed my opinion that it seemed a lil loud(with all due respect to her choice).

You show off, stop it, agreed my blog is not 'Splendid' but has defintely been 'Approved'.;-)

Terra Shield said...

Shoes are cool, but I've lost interest in them quite recently... Hmmm... I see my name being mentioned around here... Yes, it may be a little loud, but I love it as well.

popsie said...

@Terra Shield: I can relate to that, it has been a while since I have shopped for footwear as well. Your blog template rocks!:)

Trauma Queen said...

papa u hurt terra then u say 'it rocks' - u rude pain in the wrong place

btw i want to write a curse post on you - only to show how much i louvwe you

hee hee hee

popsie said...

@Trauma Queen: Chup!

As for writing a curse post on me -be my guest! :)

Paromita said...

20 pairs only :D

las!!!!!!! you r terrific :P