Friday, December 26, 2008

The Year That Was(2008)

It is time to bid farewell to 2008 and welcome 2009. 2008 wasn't a great year for starts. It started on a bad note, while a close friend went through a difficult phase on the personal front(which hit me hard), followed by the loss of my most favorite grand-uncle. I switched jobs, which I badly needed to do but it didn't make much difference in terms of learning and growth, though otherwise I definitely found more time for leisure. Planned a vacation or two abroad but in vain.:( Made my first big(considerably big) purchase followed by a few other small gadgets. Did not see much of a change on the personal front(neither for the good nor the bad).

Not to forget the increasing acts of terrorism in the country and world over, Global Warming, the Economic Slowdown and it's after effects making their presence felt more than ever before.

I can't believe that I am almost done with two years of blogging and my blog got approved by WBC. Time has flown by and so has 2008!

Life goes on and I continue to try and take life as it comes, one step at a time!


Terra Shield said...

Looks as though 2008 was quite an eventful one. Happy 2009 :)

Trauma Queen said...

hope 2009 promises to be a promising year for you - with nice trauma and not TRAUMA trauma


Karthik said...

:) wish you happy 2009!

popsie said...

@Terra: Na 2008 was somber, not very eventful.

@TQ: Hmm...nice Trauma would be any day better than Trauma Traaaauma. Wish you the same!:)

@Karthik: Thank you. A Very Happy 09 to you as well.

Paromita said...

2009 is def not a good start in terms of career.. but i hope you will get a better chance in life :)

all the best las