Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year and A Ritual?

The most common questions that do the rounds as new year's eve approaches and until a few days after we are in to the next year are: "What are you doing for New Year's Eve?" or "How did you welcome the new year?"

When a certain action is repeated, does it not become a ritual(not in the sense of a religious ritual)? Aren't rituals boring and meaningless?

While every weekday repeats itself, once every seven days, every month repeats itself once every year, so does every year repeat itself once every 365 days. What's so special about a New Year? It is just another day, another year that will soon roll by. A calender whose leaf is turned. Does it not become a ritual to celebrate and welcome the new year, year after year? It is a mere excuse to party, let your hair down and spend time with loved ones while Clubs make their profits(that is perfectly fine, warranted and acceptable). Then why so much ado about nothing? It is a ritual at the end of the day, ain't it?


Anonymous said...

As the New Year's eve is associated with most of the people partying and clubbing so some school of thought my have a cynical vision to raise their eyebrows. Rituals are eminent and perpetual to our culture, be it wasting money in parties or be it donating tons of GOLD to some religious shrine or 'burning' currency by the name of another Mid October ritual. Nothing of the either adds to any productive or progressive utility of a developing nation. So the term waste is relative and rituals are simply ways to enjoy and satiate personal desires. In a demcracy everyone has that right.

Shashi said...

The capitalist gods always want the businessmen to be happy. So they induce into people the notion that they should celebrate New year's eve. Fortunately or unfortunately in this world, celebration seems to be about money all the time. So you throw away money like all others and you 'celebrate'. The businessmen get rich. Not just this, Hallmark invents Fathers Day, Mothers Day etc to remind us that we have to send them a card to tell them that we love them. But a lot of people these days are running out of reasons to celebrate. So over time this notion becomes a ritual. A happy ritual at that. What crap?

Terra Shield said...

The New Year is another reason to celebrate... I think I understand what you're trying to get at with your post, but personally I think people look at New Year's as one of the more important things because it is so universal. No doubt each culture has it's own new year based on their own calendars, but this one's for everyone, and somehow it does make you feel warm inside :)

Trauma Queen said...

ya ur saying that cos ur one boring maami who does nothing for new yr/bday/anything except sit at home n crib - n this is ur usual sour grapes routine.

I can even visualise u as a cranky 50 yr old patti cursing the 'youths' - no wait - shall i make it 35 yr old paati?


hee hee hee

what i love about all 365 days - special or not is that I can pass nasty comments and get away with it cos u wil always be my sakra kutti and i will always be ur crackpot ;)

and more than it being a ritual - i hate that question - sp when it is asked by random idiots at the workplace. go read my gtalk status msg btw ;)

Trauma Queen said...

btw my blog syas u have linked my neologism post to this one - but i could not find any hyperlinks -so me am confused :(

popsie said...

@Anonymous: Who said one should not have fun with friends and family(Be it a democracy or not)? I wasn't commenting about our culture at all. 'New Year's Eve' was just an example, I can list umpteen such instances that are made rituals. It's not about cynicism or being a sadist, that people object. I for sure did not mean that or fall under that category. I love to have fun too but I find celebrating certain occasions repeatedly to be a ritual that losses it's charm in the process. Like you said it's a democracy and I sure have the right to express my opinion. ;)

@Shashi: 'Capitalist Gods and the example of Hallmark', I can't agree more. :)

@Terra: An interesting view but I still feel strongly about the ritual aspect. Like Shashi mentioned it's not just 'New Yr's' but several other such occasions.

@TQ: Yes my Crackpot, I sure can see my self as a 35 yr old paati :P:(, but it's not that aspect that got me to write this post. Could not see your gtalk tag line. Nope, I did not link your Neologism post to this one or to any other post(at least not yet).

Karthik said...


I agree it's same another year, but a "new" another year. U never HAVE to celebrate or greet others or take resolutions. U have never been forced to do all these things. But u started follwing this, before u saw others do it, in your childohood.

eEen, no issues now. u don't have to celebrate Dec 31st or Jan 1st. Start celebrating each and every day you wake up! start celebrating each and every opportunity to take u to the next level.

If at all u have started celebrating each day, don't forget to treat others. At least, make them smile. I hope i will be among those :)

ąŝħĭŝħ said...

what is ur problem with new year's now onty?? :P

Julia Scissor said...

I bring in the new year with a little celebration along with friends. Nothing of the party hopping, lounge-going, getting sozzled stuff.

Still, I think celebrating the arrival of a new year involves celebrating it after a long time (one year). If you decided to celebrate a new month or a new weekend, you'd have repeat it an awful number of times. :p

Julia Scissor said...

BTW, I like your template. It looks like a default blogger template tweaked around a bit but it's neat!

popsie said...

@Julia Scissor: Hmmm...btw thanks for stopping by and am glad you liked my blog template! :)