Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lucky Draw

Hey people, guess what? Yes, after all those gift vouchers I won a lucky draw.:-)

The fact that I am not sure about the genuinity and authenticity about the same is a separate issue, I am enjoying the present moment!

I happened to walk in to a mall that is a stones throw away from work, with my colleagues. Someone out there handed me this form to fill and drop into a box. I did so providing as less information as I could about myself and a few weeks later I received a call saying I won the draw.

And what did they have to offer? Accomodation for two(I was verbally told for four) for seven days in a 5 star resort, in either of the below mentioned places:

- Goa
- Kerala
- Srilanka
- Indonasia(Bali)

They also said that they will bear 20% of the food expeneses.

I was and still am super thrilled and excited about the idea of visitng Bali but am wondering if it is a hoax considering the fact that the information provided verbally as against that on the actual voucher does not match. There is no mention of the 20% food discount on the voucher.

The voucher was presented by Country Vacations and is valid from April through Sepetember 2009.

It seems like a marketing ploy to me. Anyone, aware of this? Do share your inputs and experiences, if any.

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Princess Fiona said...

even if they cover ur airfare, be it for 2 or 4, uv made bank! :)
congrats... :)