Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Old is Gold - Always?!

Is Old always gold? Why is it that humans crib, crib and crib when it comes to their workplace, colleagues and immediate boss(this so applies to me :P) and when they eventually move to a new place of work or a new team they keep saying that the organisation they earlier served or the team/boss/colleagues they worked with previously were way better than the present?

I wonder if it is:
- about never being able to be happy with what one has?
- about cribbing that leads to temporary solace/relief/release of negative energy(won't Catharsis help better)?
- about Late Realisation that happens for the moment(temporary)?
- about getting used to the idea of your colleagues, nature of work, immediate boss and workplace atmosphere?
- a combination of all of the above?

I continue to wonder...


Dhruv said...

very true. I've wondered myself at times. Recently exprncd it with an ex-col too..

Trauma Queen said...

gee i hope im not the inspiration behind this post :(

tho i dont blv i cribbed that much :|