Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love, Trust, Moral Values - where have they gone?

What is LOVE? I believe TRUST forms the essence of LOVE. Do we misuse the word LOVE?

What with independence, economic progress, liberal thoughts and dminishing moral values - where are we heading?

To say you are in love and then to betray, to evade commitment - are these signs of a cultured human?

If you are not ready for commitment, do not believe in the institution of marriage, then fool around with as many people(either of the same sex as you or the opposite sex)but why involve an individual who does not think like you and fool him/her? Find a partner who thinks like you or fool around with as many with no strings attached whatsoever but why target a married soul? What do you get by traumatising another individual and breaking another family for your temporary pleasure?

Are we not to be cultured animals, who have evolved with time?

Lord, save the Human Race!

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