Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Why do people not leave you alone?
Why are they always telling you what to do and what not to do?
Why are they always playing the blame game?
Why do they love to criticize and what do they achieve doing so?
Why do they derive happiness by paining others?
Why do such people get a kick out of it?
Why don't they learn to respect every human as each of us is a grown up?
Why don't they respect an individual's choice and views(they need not agree with the individual)?
Why is it so easy to gossip, criticize and blame others?
Why do they think because they are older in age they can throw their weight around?
Why do they become control freaks and control others lives?
Why do they think they are 'THE ALL AND END ALL'?

Get a life people(bunch of losers)!!!
Get a hold over your lives!
Look within - introspect!

I do boil my blood over such people,instances and situations(it is but natural and human) but then when I calm down I realize IT'S JUST NOT WORTH IT or rather THEY ARE JUST NOT WORTH MY TIME AND ENERGY. Ignore them and move ahead in life. We need to co-exist in society and thus we tolerate such losers but for HOW LONG and WHY?

Handle this by nodding in agreement to all they say,avoid arguments and continue to do what you want and believe in unless you think the person and what he/she is saying really matters and makes sense. Let them make you out to be a dud or an arrogant fool - that's not your problem.

Pass on the message to them in a very discrete and diplomatic manner(at the right time) without creating disturbing situations and if they are as SMART as they claim to be, they will get the message!!! If they don't understand, then you know HOW SMART THEY ACTUALLY ARE!!! - lol :-)


hitler said...
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hitler said...

sooper popsie......i completely agree with u