Tuesday, May 22, 2007

To Stalk and To Be Stalked

How does it feel to stalk or to be stalked for a WOMAN and for a MAN?

Stalking can be annoying,creepy,very discomforting and scary! I think it can be fun too as long as the victim is not being harmed in a BIG WAY! It's a thrill that you feel within that can't be expressed while it's a torture for the victim. Stalking can NEVER BE JUSTIFIED!

"Majority of stalkers have been in relationships with their victims, but a significant percentage either never met their victims, or were just acquaintances - neighbors, friends or co-workers"

What's the psychology behind Stalking? Does the stalker feel a thrill/kick while the victim feels a chill down his spine? Why does one want to stalk and become a stalker? What's the thrill? How harmful can stalking get?

Why does statistics prove that more women stand a bigger risk than men as victims?

Is it fine to stalk someone in a manner that only annoys the victim and nothing more?
In a manner such that the victim does not realise he/she is being stalked?

Types of Stalkers: Intimate partner stalkers, delusional stalkers and vengeful stalkers.
For more on the types do visit: http://www.antistalking.com/aboutstalkers.htm

Are you being stalked or stalking someone? How do you identify a stalker - by his behaviour (that's but obvious).

This site will help you with identifying behaviour: http://www.stalkingbehavior.com/default.htm

Would I liked to be stalked?Ummm NO!(to be phone stalked, gawd! it's annoying) but may be if I am unaware.. it won't really matter...or if the stalker is someone really cool n cute but still - to be stalked?!hmmm.. Would I like to stalk someone? Ummm......May be, may be not!

It won't be right to comment or be judgemental. The best person to describe how it feels will be one who has been a stalker and has been stalked, which means 'popsie'. I choose not disclose more than that and hence can't and won't comment!!! :) :P ;)

Good or bad - it's an experience by itself!!!


Amritha said...

hey popsie..thanks for ur comments...left my response on my own page...as far as ur post goes...nice..but i gotta admit...freaked me out a bit... :(
obscure topic...stalkin...personally...howmuch ever a "tough girl" image i portray...stalkers scare the crap outta me :(

Heidi Kris said...

i second amritha.. stalkin...personally...howmuch ever a "tough girl" image i portray...stalkers scare the crap outta me :( applies to me 100%