Friday, May 25, 2007

Beliefs of Convenience?!

Being religious, superstitious, and fanatic and hence being logic and reason less is an individual choice! Why force it on others? Why habituate people at home from childhood? It is ANNOYING!

Astrology is a SCIENCE, which means there must be some truth to it. False notions that your horoscope tells you everything about your future, past birth and next birth! Is there anything like a NEXT OR PAST BIRTH - I wonder!? To say it's all about destiny! What is destiny? When things go right or wrong one says: "It happened the way it did because it was meant to happen!"


I am not an atheist, I do believe in the existence of a supernatural power but to say all god is one and that we worship different forms of him/her - very weird! Why is it that we can't see or physically feel god if he/she really does exist? A force under which the human race can take shelter. A belief in the force - a convenience?

To say that the position of planets at the time of one's birth makes all the difference. If that is the case why must I bother to do something to improve my life or fulfill my wants/desires? Shouldn't the planets be taking care of them? The existence of a certain star, positioning of a certain planet, influence of a certain star in another individual’s birth chart with whom you are associated, and the list does not ever end - makes a difference in why and what is happening/happened/will happen in your life. Conducting a certain religious ceremony and fasting will help evade the evil.

Don't wear or do new things on a certain day, a black cat that crosses you, the lamp that burns out and a glass of milk that slips off the hand and breaks, a mirror in the house that cracks, etc - all indicate evil. It's a warning, an indication-sp tehy say.

While I question all of the above I wonder at the same time why is that I visit places of worship (not too frequently but I do so) and resort to prayer and fasting at times. Is it helplessness, frustration or the feeling of being desperate? I suppose visiting a place of worship can be justified since I am not an atheist and since I find peace and solace in such places.

Heights of idiosyncrasies and reason less blind belief – God will take care of everything (Why fear when he is around!) . With all due respect to an individual's belief - The entire concept beats me and I fail to understand!

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Heidi Kris said...

A very nice topic to ponder upon. Will post tales when im back home ..